2012 Mid-Atlantic Robotics - Chestnut Hill FIRST Robotics District Competition

Surprised a thread for this is not up.

We have some intense matches coming up in MAR this coming weekend.

341, 1218, 357, 486, and 708 will all be back this weekend after major success at Hatboro. Joining them will be 222, 365 and 816 just to name a few.

Should be intense and exciting.

Here’s what 3929 will be bringing to the table: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=C2ysQLRodQ8

8wd 4 CIMs kit wheels
rs550’s for intake and vertical feed
2x 0673’s on a custom gearbox powering the shooter (two 6"x2" Colson Performas)
Window motor on the hood

Turret may be locked for our first event as a motor just shorted on us. So we’ll be using the drive to aim with the camera.

We’re lagging behind on targeting code, mounting some last minute sensors, and some driver practice but hopefully things aren’t too rough for us at Chestnut Hill! See you all there.

222 is looking forward to competing at Chestnut Hills for the first time. We can’t wait to see how the field stacks up.

Here’s our specs:

4 cims through our 2 speed tigerdrive
fisher price 9013 driving our pick-up roller
two window motor winch for controlling bridge
window motor powered turret with rotational sensor
two banebots 775 powered shooter wheel (yes we’ve tested em, yes they are good, yes we have a failure plan that we don’t expect to use)
pneumatic hood control
pneumatic shooter wheel feed.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6XHRgoZvnc

I forgot to mention an outstanding rookie from Hatboro - 4342 was a strong 2pt dunker and I think will be a solid partner here as well.

Chestnut Hill will be a great time! Peter and Rob have put a lot of hard work into planning, and it will be a great time!

708 is anxiously awaiting Friday Morning~

Anyone have a link to a webcast? (if there is one/will be)

EDIT: Set one up myself. http://www.justin.tv/mar_chestnut_hill_2012
Going to set up the hardware and whatnot tomorrow and do a test stream

That should be the official webcast according to my info. 1218 does great A/V work so it should be a good show.
Only a few hours to go, I’m psyched for my first MAR District event.

^Even better. If there is an official one, I wont do mine. I couldn’t find one.

Getting excited for Chestnut Hill! Looking forward to seeing everyone over the next few days.

Compete well and be safe! :slight_smile:

We’ll be packing the bus shortly for load-in! Looking forward to it.

Safe travels,

Anyone else having trouble with the match results page? Or is it just me? Mine keeps jumping to WPI.

http://www2.usfirst.org/2012comp/events/PHL/matchresults.html seems to be up and working for me.

Normally wait until after the event to do my thank-yous, but I’ve already been blown away by a few teams. Specifically MOE. Never competed with them in an official event, and I found out today that they pretty much define GP. Our inspector came around and pointed out our front bumpers were incorrect, and we had to redo them. How MOE found out is a mystery, but within five minuets we had fresh plywood and pool noodles in our hands. Not only that, they were checking back every so often making sure we were ok.

Just thought I’d point this out, they were great.

Team 341 just wanted to thank Rob Ervin, Peter Randall, the crew of Team 1218 for hosting such a fun and organized event. Your hard work ensured that hundreds of kids could experience FIRST this past weekend. THANK YOU!

Also to our alliance partners on 1218 & 2559, we could not have asked for a better team.

And to our opponents in the Finals (222, 2180, and 4342), you played so hard and forced us to dig deep for the victory. The first match was an incredible battle and we only won on a last second human player shot to the upper goal.

Congratulations also go out to Team 433 for a well deserved **Chairman’s **Banner. Good luck at the MAR Championship.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the MAR Championship in April and we can’t wait to play in Boston during Week #4! Good luck to everyone playing this week, during Week #3.

On behalf of MOE 365, I would like to second the thanks to Peter Randall and Rob Ervin, and all of Team 1218 for making our first MAR district event a special one. You and all the volunteers and organizers have shown that MAR events can be done well and professional on a local level. Congratulations!

Special thanks for working your magic to make the changes necessary to get the schedule caught up from a 60-90 minute delay on Friday afternoon.

Also, congratulations to the following:

341, 1218, and 2559 - great alliance! My only disappointment is that we did not see y’all triple balance. Almost!

486 - Thanks for picking us! You guys had a great bot! It seemed like it balanced on a bridge almost every match. 2229 - Thanks for completing our alliance. We were so close to getting to the finals. Next time!

222, 4342, and 2180 - hard-hitting alliance who knew how to play the game! Thanks for the tight matches in the semi-finals and for making the first match of the finals a nail-biter! And special congrats for our “neighbor” team 4342 - Highest Rookie seed at this event and Rookie All-Star at Hatboro-Horsham! What a rookie year you guys are having!

Firebirds 433 - you all continue to soar through your work to spread the FIRST message. Big congratulations on your Chairman’s Award win! All the best at the MAR Championship event.

See some of you at Lenape in a few weeks. We can’t wait!

First of all thanks to the volunteers and 1218 for putting on this great event.

Congratulations to teams 341, 1218, and 2559 for a great finals and the win.

For our alliance I would like to thank team 4342 for picking us in the #3 seed alliance. You guys are a fantastic rookie team and are going to have many more great years to come. To team 2180 I was so happy to see you come all the way though the alliance selections for us to pick you. The way you adapted to our alliance was amazing and I hope to see you again this year.

Last thanks to all the other teams at the event and hope to see many of you at Mount Olive.

Thanks again to 1218 and 2559!

1218 - What else is there to say? Our bots work together beautifully. Our robot may put up a high volume of balls, but you guys never miss with what is in my opinion THE most accurate shooter in FRC. You are the sniper rifle to our machinegun. A perfect match.

2559 - You guys really came through for us, helping to starve our opponent, bravely attempt the triple balance, and playing incredible defense in Finals Match 2. Congratulations on the win!

More thanks and congrats:

222 - What a great machine! You guys really pushed us in the Finals, and made sure the crowd got their money’s worth. My favorite feature of your machine: that it sounds like you are firing an elephant gun with every shot you make :smiley:

365 - It is a shame that our robots never got to be on the field together (weird, considering it was a 37-team field with 12 rounds per team…) I guess we’ll have to wait until Philly to find out what happens when our auto modes meet at midfield :slight_smile: As usual, your mobile pit crew was busy making sure all of the teams got everything they needed to compete. A true Hall of Fame team.

The Rookies - I have been extremely impressed with the crop of rookies at the first two MAR District events. 4342, alliance captain and Finalist, you guys are extremely impressive. 4373 is one of the nicest teams I have ever worked with behind the glass, and your bot played a big role in a lot of matches. 4035, also an extremely gracious team to work with. 3974, another great bot. 3929, what an unbelievably professional looking machine. It’s a shame you only got to play in one playoff round!

All Volunteers - MAR is now 2 for 2 at the events that I have attended! Despite the new venue and lots of new faces, outside of a network-related delay on Friday afternoon we had very smooth sailing! I am very quickly being converted into a MAR believer :slight_smile:

Are there any videos of the finals matches?

We could be on the field together and NOT have to have our autonomous routines meet at midfield, you know. :smiley:

All the best in Boston. See you later this season!

Chestnut Hill was run beautifully, even despite insanely quick back-to-back matches, you managed to have impressive turn around times. Joe Troy and others were very patient and helpful with field issues as well. A few teams to greatly thank and congratulate:

357: You are such a generous team to us and I love being able to work with you every chance I get. This group of mentors is amazing.

341: Your dominance on the field is astounding and I hope to see it continue as you head to Boston.

1218: Thank you for hosting a great event and congratulations to you as well on the win. At Hatboro you were slightly behind 341 in performance but you are now, IMO, equally matched.

222: What an incredible run to the finals, and the most adrenaline pumping matches I have seen in a long time.

4342: You are a very very skilled rookie team and I wish you the best of luck. Your design is very intelligent.

2729: Thanks for joining our alliance, you were on ours and 484’s list.

We were incredibly disappointed to be pulled by our alliance captain after the 1st eliminations match and then later found out that our station had a coms issue. We knew there was nothing wrong with our robot that match and would have loved to continue. Despite your lack of faith in us, our driveteam continued the day by spending a few hours on the practice field balancing and tweaking autonomous. They are now more determined to prove themselves to everyone who doubted us.

I am incredibly proud of my team after this weekend. Thank you to the judges for selecting us for Rookie All Star over some very tough competition.

Expect us to play at Mount Olive with full force. We’ve got major bugs worked out, now comes modifications and tweaking. We are hungry this season.


Using the large basketball scoreboards to display the current match number and the queuing match number. No need to wonder if that last garbled noise was your match being queued or a team looking for a part. I’ve always wondered why something like this hasn’t been standard practice.

Thanks SCH for putting on a great event.