2012 Mid-Atlantic Robotics - Hatboro-Horsham FIRST Robotics District Competition

The Hatboro-Horsham FIRST Robotics District Competition event committee is excited to welcome the following teams to what we hope will be a great and exciting FIRST event of the Mid-Atlantic Robotics Organization.

87 714 1712 3123
224 834 1791 3167
225 869 1923 3607
272 1143 2016 4285
293 1168 2229 4342
341 1218 2234 4361
357 1391 2539 4373
486 1495 2590
708 1640 2600
709 1647 2607

We have been working the past several months to ensure that the event will be a success. Understanding the strains of travel, and the time constraints of a 2 day event, the event planning committee is looking for some feedback on the following items:

How would teams feel about having a team social (DJ, Refreshments, etc.) on Friday night (End of Competition until 8:30 or 9:00 pm)?

We are also trying to gauge the number of teams that are in need of overnight accomodations. If there is interest in reserving rooms please let us know.

If you have any additional circumstances, or special requests please post here, or e-mail [email protected]

yes that idea of a party is a great idea for teams to get to konw each other better

Our team USUALLY doesn’t stay for these things, mainly because of busing issues

Are there any plans to webcast this event at this time? If there aren’t any plans to do this, I’d be more than happy to help get a stationary camera setup to stream matches and a machine to archive them on. All we would need is a wired internet connection at the venue.

Also - I’m really looking forward to the event this weekend. I think we will see a lot of competitive matches after everyone gets the last few bugs worked out of their machines Friday morning.

Are there any plans to have the field available for practice rounds on Thursday night?

Frank, team 272, has been working dilligently to get some sort of practice field it looks like it will be about a 1/4 of the field with a complete set of baskets and one balance. Hope this is enough when I have a confirm on this I will let you know I think I have your email somewhere


Hahahaha as I was sending out my last reply I got a comfirmation there WILL be a practice field at Horsham. It is roughly 19x17 with a full set (1 high 2 mid 1 low) of baskets and a single balancing beam thingy.


Liam, out of curiosity, do you know if this is the kind of setup that we can come to expect at most events in MAR?

(Oh, and the ‘Balancing beam thingy’ is called a bridge… :P)

I believe the MARS events will be using the low cost (wood) game pieces for the practice field. Will the teams have access to the real playing fields or are practice matches scheduled?

For two day events like the one at Horsham this weekend teams will get some access to the primary field there are scheduled practice matches in the morning to like 10 or 1030 and I believe each team will have 2 practice rounds…There was discussion about grating access to the primary field for teams on Thursday I do not know what decision was made regarding that.

Dustin thanks for the correction I had a brain cramp there. Yes you can expect the practice field to be similar to what is typically seen at the old Philly regional.

My team and I are very excited for this weeks competition, and I think that a post-competition social would be great for the students. My team had a very positive experience with last years social at St. Louis. They really got to meet students from other teams, some of them still even keep in touch! From myself and everyone on FIRST FRC Team 714, Good luck this season!

Alright got this straight from the horses mouth (MAR executive board member)

  1. Assuming everything is up and running teams will be granted access to the primary field on Thursday night. It will be a first come first serve sort of thing. I do not know if you need to be fully inspected or only partially.

  2. Teams will be scheduled one (1) practice round on Friday morning. Again I dont know about inspection details. I would imagine if you are not fully inspected by then you will probably be more concerned with that.

Liam - any chance you could inquire with the same members about the webcast issue I posted above? I haven’t received any feedback by contacting the person who started this thread. All we really would need is a wired internet connection to make it happen. We can utilize ustream or justin.tv to stream the event from a stationary camera with a good view of the field.

Will there be a live stream for the parents and kids at school/home/work?

Got this the other day.
All DE-NJ-PA FRC Teams - The Week #1 Mid-Atlantic Robotics FIRST Robotics Competition District event at Hatboro-Horsham HS will be available at the following…


Anyone know where one could find a match list?

Seconded. FIRST’s site just has the template in place.

Oh, and the stream seems to be up.

I believe these are practice matches seeing as how a few alliances have been short a team. I’m heading over there around twelve and will post a picture of the match schedule if it is not up yet

Found the match list.

The links on the first website are screwed up only the standings one works correctly.

Here it is http://www2.usfirst.org/2012comp/events/PAH/schedulequal.html

Opening ceremonies seem to be going on now.