2012 Minne-Regional

I’m head coach of FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics from Alexandria, MN. We are attending the off-season event, Minne-Regional, on Saturday, November 17. A big thank you to FIRST Team 2169 for putting it on. There will be 30 teams in attendance! WOAH! Many different kinds of workshops, a mini Rebound Rumble tournament, and loads of fun! For more info, check out the KingTec Website

We are so excited about the event that we have rainbows coming out of our eyes!
Rainbow Eyes

Our Twitter, @Team3313](http://www.twitter.com/team3313), will be updated throughout the competition. We will also update our website/blog (as we always do).

Any other teams on Chief Delphi attending this event? Let us know! We’ll make sure to stop by your pit and say hi!

I’ll be there to host a team Roundtable meeting!

Teams be sure to send someone to represent your team so we can talk about challenges your team is facing and ways to overcome those challenges!

I hosted one at the CAGE Match in IN and we got 60 students to come to the meeting!


I’ll be attending with Team 3081, as well as some members from FTC#5943. I look forward to seeing 3313 and all of the other teams there as well!

I’ll stop by your pit when I get a chance :slight_smile:

3633 is attending. We hope Kinect will be there, as we’ve become very skilled with it. Look for the orange - it won’t be too hard!

2530 will be there. Looking forward to a great time!

I know we are coming down from Duluth. Does anyone have the complete team list? I can’t seem to find one anywhere this year.

The team list is now out:

876 Thunder Robotics
1816 Green Machine
2052 Irondale
2129 Sothwest
2169 KING TeC
2177 Robettes
2264 Inceptus
2472 Centurions
2491 No Mythic
2509 Tigerbots
2512 Daredevils
2530 Inconceivable
2667 How 'bout dem apples
2823 Automatons
2846 FireBears
2847 Cardinals
3036 Ogitchidah
3081 Robo Eagles
3122 The Eagles
3184 RoboRunners
3202 Knightbots
3291 Pi-rats
3313 Mechatronics
3454 ZBOTS
3524 Blizzard
3633 Catalyst
3691 Raiders
3699 The Panthenators
3747 Chao Tech
3848 Bot Shots
3883 Data Bits

We look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday. :slight_smile:

3633 may need help with a pressure sensor for pneumatics at the event. Look for us in orange.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing event!

2169, 2491, 2052: An astounding winning alliance!

2512, 2530, 3747: A crowd-pleasing finalist alliance! You guys should have nailed that triple.

3184: The saviors of our team’s spirit! We were the quietest team in the building, and you guys changed it all. We became the loudest, and by the end of the day, you could barely tell the members of the “Orange Alliance” apart! I hope we meet again! Seriously, without your guys’ cheer I would have had even more mental breakdowns than I already did.

3883: The rescuers of our robot’s air! We don’t have the exact problem down yet, but you made us score points thanks to the help of your expert mentors. Thank you for turning our disappointing morning into a success!

Mike Sundblad of pre-rookie team 4665 and past mentor of team 3633: Thanks for the moral support and for showing your new team the ropes. You will do great!

2512: We avenged Match 25 from the North Star regional. and kept the camera intact.

We had a blast yesterday. Thanks to King Tec for hosting the event, great job! Congratulations to 2169, 2052, and 2491, you guys scored more than we could keep up with. Our alliance members 2530 and 3747 did a great job executing the game strategy, we almost got them with the triple. Overall great event, see you all again at Northern Lights or Lake Superior!

gyroscopeRaptor: I went back and watched NS Match 25. I did not realize we broke your camera off when we crashed on the co-op bridge, our apologies.