2012 MSC

So who’s excited for MSC this year. I know I am especially after witnessing Troy.

The things that are going to happen at this tournament…definitely worth taking a break from college for :smiley: .

I really hope there are multiple teams with flawless coop records here to make it really interesting. I know that’s what Troy was!

It’ll be a Coopertition competition more than anything else. :cool:

Atleast the first two days…

I think it is more like an “Avoid not being able to balance on Coopertition bridge” during qualifying rounds. When most teams can balance on coopertition bridge, it will not be a deciding factor towards the seeding. It will be back to WLT.

Unless you are on on the field when it goes bad. Then you instantly drop relative to the rest of the field.

I hope you’re correct when it comes to win/loss records. Can’t say I’m a fan of seeing undefeated teams in 10th place.

With co-op happening more, and it swinging back closer to WLT I see some interesting things happening.

I see it shifting more towards the lesser scorers on the alliance doing co-op, in an effort to win the match, possibly resulting in less reliable co-op robots and a failure to do so, hurting everyone on the field.

I was thinking of this same thing. There will definitely be a lot of hard thinking about who should handle the bridge.

As far as undefeated teams being ranked 10th, I don’t inherently have a problem with it. Going undefeated and being ranked 10th tells me there is a strategy issue (qualification strategy, that is). I’m sure there are plenty of teams that would have fewer losses if they valued winning above the co-op bridge.

A wild card at MSC should be alliance bridge capability. I expect to see a lot of “6 bridge” matches…

I refer to these affectionately as Triple Doubles and i wish that was an actual term in the manual even if it gave no bonus

Our team is officially excited! It’s going to be a long 1.5 (and counting) days of work…

Personally, I see the better scoring machines doing the coop.

I can’t see a team like HOT leaving it up to another team to balance the coop bridge, when it is so important to ranking. Also I do not see a team like HOT agreeing to balance with a less capable shooting machine while 469 cleans up in the last 30 seconds.

I do think that the average time to balance on the coop bridge to be more around the 30 second mark rather then the 45+ at previous district events.


The politics surrounding the bridge at MSC shall be very interesting.

The coop bridge at MSC will be very similar to Troy I believe.

“My stats say that you are the best balancer on your alliance…we want you to balance with us.”

Lightning Robotics is excited to be a part of this awesome event!

Few of our students made this promo video for our pit display: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbxK3oM1LT0

The NC Gears are just happy that our check finally cleared at FIRST HQ and now we actually show up on the roster of teams!

Every team at MSC should be capable of tipping the bridge and balancing. I foresee a lot of triple doubles, with basket scoring once again determining matches. Hybrid will be huge. Be flexible on your setup, movements, and timing to avoid clashing with your partners. I expect defense will be a much bigger factor than it was at district events, where the non-scorers were often also non-bridge crossers and therefore unable to play defense. Creatively driven, wide defense bots that have good hybrid and don’t collect fouls will valuable picks for elims.

Its going to be fun to watch and an honor to participate.

Completely agree. Teams that prefer shooting two feet from the hoop are at high risk.

Watch the robot on the Coopertition bridge play defense on 548.

Not to derail, but what were all those penalties for?

Probably for transitory contact with the key. If the two blue robots were touching each other and one was touching the key, both are considered to be protected.