2012 North Carolina Regional

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2012 North Carolina Regional
April 5-7, 2012

Dorton Arena
1025 Blue Ridge Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27607


I wish we were attending to defend the title. Yeti will have to carry on :smiley:

There will be several NC teams in SC this weekend. Worth watching.

FIRST Team 1086 Blue Cheese is very excited to be attending the NC Regional. This will be my first time heading down to the Dorton Arena. From what my students are telling, NC is a great venue filled with some of the nicest folks around. I can’t wait to experience this hospitality myself!

By the numbers:

6 states represented

53 total teams
46 veteran teams
7 rookie teams

13 teams with 10 or more years of experience in FIRST
24 teams with 5 or more years of experience in FIRST

28 (!!) teams attending events in previous weeks:

  • BAE: 138, 166, 1519
  • SMR: 337, 1249, 2483
  • Pitt: 1533, 2614
  • Peachtree: 587, 1311, 2655
  • VA: 122, 339, 401, 422, 435, 900, 1086, 1598, 2363
  • Palmetto: 281, 1225, 2059, 2642, 3196, 3459, 3540, 4083
  • DC: 4083

13 teams with experience in the elimination rounds so far this season:

  • QFs: 138, 401, 900, 1086, 1311, 2363
  • SFs: 1533, 1598
  • Finalists: 422 (VA), 1519 (BAE)
    *]Winners: 435 (VA), 587 (Peachtree), 2614 (Pitt)

2059 is excited for the North Carolina Regional this year and the return of teams from Virginia after last year when both regionals where the same week.

Team 587 is pumped about the NC regional. We just got back from Peachtree and had a great time there.

Welcome to all the teams that are coming. We are looking forward to seeing several old friends and making some new ones.

We are especially eager to see our old friends on 122. We have attended a regional together all of the 12 years that 587 has existed.

Good luck to all the teams going to Palmetto this weekend. I hope you bring home some hardware.

The Mech Tech Dragons are pumped. The kids are psyched. I can’t stop thinking about it. The mentors are excited. We’re ready for the Reign of Fire to hit Raleigh. If you’re going to Palmetto this weekend, we will be watching.

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1598 is looking forward to returning to Dorton Arena. We learned a great deal at the VA Regional and are ready to play. We will (try) be on a bridge every match. Hopefully the center one – hope we get partners that will be willing to go with us.

Most of all I’m looking forward to seeing the New Hampshire contingent, especially 166, which was my original team! I’ll be wearing my (can I call it vintage yet?) Chop Shop jacket! Hopefully I can treat you guys to some good carolina BBQ :slight_smile:

There are a shocking number of successful teams coming up/down/all around to NC. A lot of robots that have gone deep into eliminations, and perennial RCA/EI teams will be featured here.

First time I’ve gone south for a regional. What’s around there for fun? Good places to eat?

1771 is working furiously to raise the funds, so we can attend.

All of our kids were disappointed that we lost at Peachtree (Sorry 1311 and 2815) due to a transmission failure, and we turned that disappointment into a drive for money!

^The North Carolina doesn’t have an open capacity. In fact, I think they’re over-booked…

Have you contacted HQ about this? I would love to meet another great team, but I don’t want you all to work for something you might not be able to get.

Yes, North Carolina is already full. I know 2655 had a tough time getting in.

I wish all teams attending good luck!

The North Carolina regional is back down to 52 teams. It looks like we lost one of our NC rookies.

1519 is looking forward to returning to North Carolina for a 2nd visit! We had a great time in the inaugural year of the regional and are eager to renew acquaintance with the friends we made in 2010.

Just ten more days until we set out on the drive from New Hampshire to North Carolina!

checks Palmetto results
Well, everyone has their work cut out for them in Raleigh. A lot of crazy successful teams will be down there. With district play dying down in week 6, is this a sleeper regional or something?

281 is pumped for this regional after having a ton of fun last year. We just won at Palmetto (despite breaking Los Pollos Locos 2815 was a more than ample substitute that helped the alliance win along with Hitch hikers and Hot Bots) We hope to win a regional while on the field in less than 2 weeks! can’t wait to see everyone and their bots

Team PyroTech is excited to be attending again in our 2nd year. Congrats to 281 and 2059 for being on the winning alliance in Palmetto this past weekend – can’t wait to see you guys in NC.

As exciting as Palmetto was - and with as may teams from there coming to NC - I expect NC to be a truly awesome event this year. See ya’ll there!

First robotics team 3506 is ready to try a hand at North Carolina after some electrical mishaps in Palmetto. Congratulations to teams 281 and 2059 for an unexpected yet very effective alliance win in Palmetto, great match!

Average 2012 statistics of the 27 NC-registered teams competing in previous weeks:

  • Record (W-L-T): 7.1 - 5.7 - 0.3
  • Total matches played: 13.0
  • QS: 13.8
  • HP: 56.6
  • BP: 55.4
  • TP: 55.9
  • CP: 2.6

Other tidbits:

  • Most matches played: 19 (2059, Palmetto)
  • Most wins: 15 (2614, Pittsburgh)
  • Highest qualifying rank: 1 (1311, Peachtree)

(OK, I’m done now…)