2012 Off-season Events -- Midwest

I know there is already a thread going on Mid-Atlantic area events, but I was wondering if anyone can help suggest some off-season events in the Midwest area. Fall events would be great!

So far, what I’m aware of:

Ozark Mountain Brawl – Springdale, AR – June 15-16
Indiana Robotics Invitational – Indianapolis, IN – July 20-21


Connect a Million Minds Invitational- Columbus, OH - June 23rd

The CAGE Match- Indianapolis - October 20th

If you are looking for fall events, the Cow Town Thrown Down in Kansas City is in the fall. I don’t have a link to the 2012 one, but 3397 is keeping an eye out for it.

The second annual RoboFest will be held in Milwaukee, WI on September 29th. It will be a one day event with a cap of 24 teams for this year. Additional details will be coming shortly and will be linked to here when posted.