2012 Peachtree Regional

So, getting the thread started a little bit early this year; but wanted to see about the different teams coming to the 2012 Peachtree Regional this year!

I won’t be competing, but I will be volunteering as one of the new referees. :smiley:

Though it says Team 1102 will be competing we had to drop out due to the South Carolina FTC Championship being on the 17th, the last day of competition we have 3 teams competing and don’t have enough mentors and students to go to both competitions.

Here to tell you that team 3319 will be going to the regional this year good luck to all teams that are competing!!!

We didn’t think it was going to happen this year, but thanks to some epic fundraising-fu during build season 2815 will be back to defend our title. We’re looking forward to seeing how Incocknito stacks up against the best Georgia has to offer.

Team 343, Metal in Motion will be there!

I won’t arrive until Friday, that pesky work thing! :frowning:

We’ll save a seat for 'ya!

I definitely think Bag & Tag has brought some South Carolina teams back to Peachtree–last year, the only teams that did Peachtree and Palmetto back-to-back were 1311 and ourselves. This year, the overlap is bigger and deeper:

-343 (2011 Palmetto & NC finalists)
-1319 (2012 Smokey Mountains finalists, so you know they’re hungry)
-2815 (2011 Peachtree & Palmetto champions)
-2974 (2011 Smoky Mountain champion)
-3976 (Rookies, but their school was part of 2815 before they split off. Plan your Fantasy FIRST picks accordingly.)

Of those, all but 2974 are South Carolina teams. Should make it interesting to see these folks two weekends in a row.

Team 1683 TechnoTitans will be there, and good luck to everyone who is gonna be there.

Team 1002 Present and accounted for! We will be at Peachtree. And with us, There will be:


Team 1002, the Wheeler CircuitRunners will be hosting the CyberCenter again! Need the latest software update? Rules clarification? Need Chief Delphi access? CyberCenter is open to all teams and will have internet access for all essential items. 5 Laptops and a printer will be provided for use by teams!

Just stop by (we will have signs!) and our friendly staff will allow you to use the CyberCenter!

Also, Team 1002 would like to give a Southern Style welcome to all teams at the Peachtree Regional! Watch out for any 1002 t-shirt-wearing member, they might just try and help your team set their pits up and help them get inspected and ready!

Also, I will be willing to help anyone needing software help in java and electrical help. :slight_smile:

This was a great thing last year–after we smoked no fewer than three minibot motors last year in Georgia, this service allowed us to get an order in in time for Palmetto. Thanks for keeping it!

Team 1771 will be back again.

Hopefully we can keep our title!

FLASH 1319 will be in attendance. We are looking forward to another great Georgia event as we were not in attendance last year and missed not being there.

Can’t wait to see everyone there. How many of you will be attending the social event?

Also, team 1002 hopes to make a rebound (pun intended) from last year. We’re aiming for the Championship!

Planning to swing by for at least one day of the competition now that I’m living in the area.

I’m going to be a volunteer this year and I’m really excited to spend some of my spring break at Peachtree!

Just 3 more days! I personally can’t wait to get on the field on the practice day and start shooting some baskets and balancing that coopertition bridge. Let’s all promise not to pull the antics of some teams at Toronto though, amirite? ::ouch::

I would be extremely disappointed to see, at ANY regional, a repeat of what happened at GTR. That was inexcusable (though not agaianst any rule I could find, at least not yet). It is within your rights not to cooperate if that might lead to a strategic advantage (I can see several scenarios where it might) but to hinder or attempt to unbalance a pair that has decided to cooperate is definitely not kosher.

yea, let’s all compete with our utmost Gracious professionalism and play to win, not to make someone else lose!

Our team is probably going to be camping out that practice field a lot to do some tests, just a heads up (we’ll leave if someone else needs it, but be warned, we’ll need it a lot) :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the practice field is going to be a mess, and if it’s anything like the pathetic setup that we had last year, it won’t be worth camping out on. Regardless, I think you’ll find camping to be a rather futile effort since the sign up sheet usually fills up in about 30 seconds, especially on Thursday/Friday mornings.

  • Sunny G.

Hi everyone,

Let’s all make a pledge to ourselves to have an awesome time at the Peachtree.

Georgia is one of the fastest growing areas in the country with 17 rookie teams at the event.

So what does that mean. Let’s all go out and see what we can do to help these rookie teams get off to a good start. And it also means that the venue will be ‘COZY’ !!! And next year we hope to have a bigger venue…

But for now let’s go have a good time.

If we have the same growth next year, we may need TWO regionals to accommodate that many teams :ahh:

Oh boy, the fun at volunteering at two Georgia Regionals next year would be on epic proportions.