2012 Regional Webcasts

Please post 2012 Rebound Rumble webcast links as you learn of them.

Week 1 (March 1-3)

  • BAE Systems Granite State:
  • Greater Kansas City:
  • Smoky Mountains
    : - Alamo:
  • San Diego (March 2-4):
    *]Israel (March 5-7):

They are doing granite, bayou and all michigan events

Will 2200 be broadcasting all the webcasts on a page again this year?

FRC1323 will be aggregating webcasts at http://madstream.team1323.com

We ran this in the offseason for some California events, and are currently updating the UI. The new version will be up before next week!

2200’s service has relocated to here: http://watchfirstnow.com/ .

As for the Smoky Mountains Regional, I know the event is being streamed. I’ve been told they will post the link at a time closer to the event.

  • Sunny G.

Sure will be. http://watchfirstnow.com

This year adds some new goodies:

  • Cleaner interface
  • Save open dialogs and their position/size
  • Global match score board and inside feeds
  • Quick window sizes (you can resize freely, or choose between common video sizes)
  • Grab new feeds without refreshing page

Thank you! I appreciate it very much!

Are you guys still working on that whitepaper on webcasting?

2059 is webcasting North Carolina and its are first time so we want to do it right.


And thanks for webcasting North Carolina!

We are very happy to work with you guys again to webcast the Bayou!

Finger Lakes Regional (Rochester, NY) http://www.facebook.com/FIRSTRochester?sk=app_115831775211771

How about MAR events? Will there be any teams that are willing to broadcast those as well?

Greater Kansas City can be found at

We used to always webcast the NJ Regional, so we’ll probably do the two districts we’re going to: Rutgers and Mt. Olive (and MAR Champs if we qualify). I’ll double-check and get back to you.

Larry, is that going to be the actual webcast (right there on the facebook page), or will it contain info on how to get to the webcast, when we get closer to the event? FLR is March 8-10, for those who don’t know. Right now, that link doesn’t show or explain anything about a webcast.

I already have friends, and team families who can’t attend, asking me about TV and webcasting, so I’d like to be able to refer them to something like this. Thanks!

The San Diego Regional webcast will be hosted at: http://www.sandiegoregional.com/?p=webcast

Currently it is inactive…

I believe you all also worked on the VA Regional cast the last 2 years. I don’t know if VAR has anyone doing it this year; it probably is something I should have asked our resident VAFIRST board member yesterday.:rolleyes:

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We have, but unfortunately we aren’t going down there this year =/. If you do have a webcast though, we most certainly will be watching it! :wink:

I was implying that I have no clue of its status considering your absence this year. Our sponsors who can’ make every match but still want to watch asked me about the webcast on Tuesday, and I felt bad not being able to give them any information.

Any info on the kettering District Webcast?