2012 San Diego

Just a couple days, and we hit the road for San Diego! Should be fun…

San Diego’s gonna be so much fun this year! I can’t wait to watch the webcast! Wish I could come down, but then again, I’ve got my own robot to work on. :slight_smile: I wanna see 1538’s robot in particular, and 399 looks like an awesome team this year.

Aloha from Hawaii! Good luck to all at the competition!

Week 1 event this year woot!
Can’t wait, to see all the bots :3

So excited for SDR!!! Cant wait to hang out with everyone from Team San Diego!!!

I’ll be there! I’m excited to see everyone!

The Agency looks forward to closely monitoring all of you in San Diego :slight_smile:

We had a good time last year, but we will see team Spyder in Seattle ,and we will be the only caili teams there

Will be in San Diego with Rookie Team 4276. Can’t wait!

The team is anxiously waiting to do some driver tryouts during the practice rounds Friday (they never got much chance to drive it during the build season).

Can someone remind me if robots are allowed on the field for Friday practice rounds if the bot has not officially passed all inspection items yet?

Also, in the past practice rounds have sometimes been as long as 5 minutes, are these variety going to be used?

The “At the events” section of the manual covers your questions.

You do not have to be inspected to practice in your scheduled practice matches, but must have bumpers.

You must be inspected if you want to enter the filler line for an unscheduled practice match.

Can’t wait for the event only three more days. It’ll be good to be where i belong

Week 1 comes fast… we can’t wait for SD!

Work is done, packing the trailer tonight and heading for SD tomorrow AM. Will be bringing 5 robots with me in the trailer. Field setup and early load in tomorrow and then competition all weekend. Woo hoo!

P.S. the five robots are from teams in the Inland Empire coming to San Diego.

Our robot is in the back of my 57 chevy truck…hope it makes it there! Should be a nice little 500 mile drive. The furthest I’ve driven my truck is 75 miles from home…

San Diego should be a really fun event, i haven’t been down there since 2010. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday. :slight_smile:

Can someone post the link to the webcast once they get it? This is one event I really want to watch!

The webcast will be here: http://www.sandiegoregional.com/?p=webcast

We made it! and best of all I have a room, and interwebs…

We’ll be delivering the robot in a little while

It’s scouting meeting time! :wink:

We had a fun day of qualifying. Our autonomous shooting is working well, our teleop has been a little bit iffy. We did find a cause, which is falling off the bridge and having the camera mount get slightly bent. Once we figured it out, things got better again.

We did a couple coop bridge attempts and didn’t make either of them. The balls under the bridges make things interesting, especially with a “wide” robot, you need to be careful not to try to drive onto a bridge if it’s not going down all the way, or you can flip over pretty easily.

We’ve seen some great play by quite a few robots, 1661 and 599 bridge work is really good. 3008 is an amazing scorer in teleop.

We did get to make some repairs to our bridge arm, our pneumatic “lock” got bent and we decided to replace it with a mechanical one…the second attempt actually survived a couple matches intact.

It’s kinda weird having the event a day late. Hope you all tune in to the webcast Sunday!


Busy day of qualifying, we had our fair share of issues but auton was nailed and teleop is getting better every match.

The balls under the bridges do pose a problem, as well as tipping over… we did once in practice but no damage was done.

Some great teams out there. Can’t wait for elims!