2012 Season Manuals and Changes

By now everyone should have received notification that the Administrative Manual Section has opened on the First Website under the FRC Game and Season Info section. Please note (if you missed it before) In 2012, ALL US and Canadian FRC events are ‘Bag and Tag’ except for Championship. See Section 5 Robot Transportation for more info.
Be aware that the “Open Access Period” is available only to teams participating in two days events.


If you are not attending a District event in 2012, you do not have a ‘Robot Access Period’ after Stop Build Day, and this section does not apply to you.

Please have your Robot Lockup Form completed and available to present to Inspectors at every event when you arrive.

There is special provisions for teams who require special shipping to events. This applies to most teams who cannot transport their robot overland to events. Please be sure to review those procedures ASAP. You will need an exemption granted by FIRST.

5.4 REQUESTING AN EXEMPTION If bringing your robot yourself to the event presents you with a substantial hardship, you may request an exemption by emailing [email protected] . Include as much detail as you can in your request, and use the subject line: “Bag and Tag Exemption Request, Team XXXX”, with your team number in place of ‘XXXX’. Exemption requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Not every request will be granted. Exemptions must be requested by December 2, 2012.