2012 Team Update #1

The 2012 Team Update #1 has been released: http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/TeamUpdates/0

The main changes are that a robot must be FULLY supported by a bridge to receieve the bonus points, and that robots cannot push/react against the top of the fender. It also defined the term ‘frame perimeter.’

The Robot must have a Frame Perimeter that is comprised of fixed, non-articulated structural elements of the Robot. The Frame Perimeter of a Robot is defined by the outer-most set of exterior vertices on the Robot that are within the Bumper Zone, which is between 2 and 10 in. from the floor. Minor protrusions no greater than ¼ in. such as bolt heads, fastener ends, and rivets are not considered part of the Frame Perimeter.

To determine the Frame Perimeter, wrap a piece of string around the Robot at the level described in [R02]. The string describes this polygon.

Note: to permit a simplified definition of the Frame Perimeter and encourage a tight, robust connection between the Bumpers and the Frame Perimeter, minor protrusions such as bolt heads, fastener ends, rivets, etc are excluded from the determination of the Frame Perimeter.

Good luck, and have fun.

Kinda figured they would say this.

Pretty much expected stuff, nothing too game-changing besides the “fully supported” rule.

Also, as a reminder, I believe Q&A opens up tomorrow, right?

yay me to :frowning:

I can’t print out a nice double-sided PDF for my binder like last year. :frowning: Anyone know where to find it?

Honestly disappointed that the “G28, G44 and G45” interaction hasn’t been clarified yet, which tells me either that the interaction is intended (which I highly disagree with) or the GDC hasn’t noticed that the way the three rules interact is ambiguous. Hopefully when Q&A opens there will be a flood of questions about this.


Uh, FIRST Choice pneumatics aren’t allowed?!

See R10 for the definition of “Kit of Parts”

When they say fully supported, does that mean the robot can only be in contact with the bridge, or are they saying that the robot can’t be hanging off the bridge (regardless of whether or not it’s only touching the bridge)?

In other words, am I still balanced if a bit of my robot is hanging off the bridge but still not touching anything else?

If the only thing the robot is touching is the bridge, what’s holding all the weight? Hint: It’s not the column of air below it.

The robot is fully supported by the bridge in this case.

Found an intresting url change. I think it’s what you are looking for.
If you use the normal link of http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/viewItem/30 for section one of the manual but take off the /viewitem/30
so you’re left with frc-manual.usfirst.org

Then click on ‘GAME’ . You’ll have the ability to click on ‘save as pdf’ in the top right corner. This will be the complete manual instead of downloading and printing every section separately.


So no more Robot-on-robot end game designs? Darn.

Oh well. Strike out Plans B though G. Time for Plan H.

Hmm, I thought this clarification was to avoid robots from dropping down a support beam to the ground at one end of the bridge. I don’t think it would eliminate robot-on-robot designs, since the bridge is still supporting the weight of both robots.

I meant just the update. Last year’s updates were in PDF form that I could print out and put in my binder with the manual.

They missed that clarification in the update. Ask on the Q&A for a definition of “fully supported”.

A Bridge will count as Balanced if it is within 5° of horizontal and any Robots touching it are fully supported by it.

Is it just me or does this rule imply that as long as you are touching the bridge and it is within 5°, you are fully supported by it?

So drive up and drop an arm on it and technically you’re fully supported…

For me this clarification just made the rule more unclear.

Does the fixed frame perimeter eliminate the possibility of an Archimedes Screw type of ball collection where the ball would enter the system by driving over it? I cannot really decide, but a fixed frame perimeter with ground clearance of 2-10 inches seems to make that impossible now.

A Bridge will count as Balanced if it is 1) within 5° of horizontal and 2) any Robots touching it are fully supported by it.


A Bridge will count as Balanced if it is (within 5° of horizontal and any Robots touching it are fully supported by it).

The English breaks the other way.

yeah I agree… I read this for the first time and I was like wait wut?..
less pronouns please GDC?