2012 Team Update 4

It is online here.

It does not look like any major changes, but the alternate bridge thing might get tricky. The other clarifications are quite helpful.

Interesting - the rule allows for Wildstang style ramps, but doesn’t allow you to put a partner on your back if you’re not already touching the bridge. Useful to know.

I sure hope anyone ramping has made accomodations for us wide bots.

“Operation Bondé”
That I like…
If FIRST can pull it off smoothly, it sounds like an life saver.

Maybe this is a stupid question, but if the current bridge is inferior, why are we using it?


This update is actually pretty important. The blue box at the end has really clarified the “stick something out the bottom of your robot to help balancing” as being perfectly legal. The Q&A responses this week made it look like it would be illegal.

Now, if you are on the bridge and you stick something down to the carpet it can be argued via the blue box clarification that your bumpers are perfectly legal as measured from the bridge that you are sitting on. Big clarification.

But if you are on the bridge and stick something down to the carpet, touching the carpet, wouldn’t you not be balanced based off the rule that you must be fully supported by the bridge? Unless you mean putting something down that is not touching the carpet.

My guess would be they couldn’t get it tested and have 2,500 of them donated / bought in time to ship the Kit Of Parts to teams, plus, if I’m not mistaken, DAP-1522 was new for the 2011 season, and switching radios each season could be a pain for teams.

one would retract it at the buzzer presumably.

I can only imagine cost is a large factor (street price is $99](http://www.amazon.com/D-Link-DIR-825-Extreme-N-Dual-Band-Gigabit/dp/B001F7HLRC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327102185&sr=8-1) vs. $65](http://www.amazon.com/D-Link-DAP-1522-Extreme-Dual-Band-Wireless-N/dp/B001769K3O), plus you’d have to replace all the 1522s in the wild). I imagine FIRST sees this as an issue that won’t rear its ugly head enough to justify the extra costs involved in outfitting every robot with the DIR-825.

but then the bridge would likely tip and no longer be within 5 degrees of horizontal.

I’m confused. Does this mean we can extend an appendage to assist in balancing the robot by having the appendage touch the floor, or that the appendage can only be used to help balance the bridge, and must be retracted once it assists in balancing?

This update means that it is legal to have stuff hang below the robot because the frame perimeter is not being violated.

What “thing” you make which takes advantage of this is up to you. It could range from zipties hanging in the corners of your chassis that make sure you are touching the key when your robot is mostly off it to sticking something down from the ramp to make it easier to balance (of course it can’t end the match touching the ground.)

What a great lead in to Week 3!

Reminds us of VEX season when we stick our robot almost off the blue/red tile, only to have a little zip tie touch it.:wink:

An arms race of wireless AP’s? The venues’ access points will inevitably get better with time (on average) and more powerful, meaning FIRST will always have to keep up with them to reduce interference. This way looks cheaper, but time will tell.

Maybe eventually they’ll go to a radio-in-queue system, like VEX (still?) does.

I am now waiting for the “magical zip tie” to get ruled an illegal traction device…

On a more serious note can we actually get some ruling on rule G33 that actually explains what they really want?

The alternate “Bondé” radio is bigger, heavier, and has external antennas, compared to the more compact radio with internal antennas currently being used. I’m guessing the DIR-825 simply has better reception with the larger antennas than the compact DAP-1522.

I don’t think anybody expected for a situation to arise where the current radio bugs out when there are over 60 APs in one place drowning out a single FIRST field AP. I’m imagining FIRST does test for some radio interference, but not extreme interference coming from over 60 WiFi APs at once.

I don’t think there will be any major issues with the current radio, but it’s good to see FIRST is thinking about these things.

The current radios will be set to only use Wireless N over the 5GHz band, which means there shouldn’t be any interference from all the old APs on 2.4GHz.

The only way I can see this becoming an issue is if the venue recently upgraded their entire wifi network and installed tons of brand-new, high-end, 2.4/5Ghz dual-band, Wireless N APs relatively close together.

Remember 2005, Glenn? With those loading zones?

The Field Access Point has both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz antennas (3 of each), so I imagine that before going to Operation Bondé, FIRST would try switching the frequency, in case the venue has a lot of 5 Ghz APs (I obviously don’t know, but I think that Operation Bondé would be avoided if at all possible). Does anyone know about a regional last year that had an issue with too many APs that would cause FIRST to start sending better radios, or does it seem like they are preempting the problem?

Not really. All I remember is you guys won that year at CMP against Gila Monsters and Poofs.:ahh: