2012 Texas Robot Roundup

It seems to me the last sentence holds the flaw in this logic. These outreach programs and pre-rookie experiences are designed so that there will be no level 1 teams. Through the cameraderie and connections made through competitions, teams gain many resources more than the hunger that comes from winning and losing. They gain friends, associates, colleagues, possibly sponsors.

Events that treat teams evenly, regardless of veteran status or accolades, raise everybody up. Pre-rookies start as 3s and 4s, and together we rise. Perhaps some of these teams that start with a borrowed robot may create black-belt programs in the near future.

I am fortunate enough to be on the planning committee of an offseason event in October. We choose to focus on creating a warm, inviting atmosphere to those new to coopetitive robotics. In 2009, we had two pre-rookie teams play with borrowed “practice bots” - one of them now hosts their own annual VEX competition; the other became Rookie All-Stars. That team went on to help another team - whose first FRC experience came at our event - they became RAS as well. Another pre-rookie from 2010 - Rookie Inspiration, RAS, Regional Champs in their first year. This past year, we hosted three pre-rookies; two of them won Rookie Inspiration, one won Rookie All-Star, Regional Finalist, and Regional Winner.
I’m not arrogant enough to say our dog-and-pony show created these soon-to-be-pillar teams, but I think every experience is helpful. The more the merrier.

The TRR planning committee had a decision - should they allow one team the opportunity for more drive practice and experience, or should they allow a new team the opportunity to be inspired by the event. I feel they made the right choice.

Our team isn’t as competitive as many of our neighbors on the playing field - we’re getting there though. But the kids are still inspired, they still go on to postsecondary ed in STEM fields, they keep in touch and spread the mission of FIRST - that’s better than a full trophy case.

Why assume a full trophy case and spreading the message of FIRST (mentoring rookies) are mutually exclusive? Team 16 supported 6 rookies this season and earned 5 banners - I am equally proud of both.

You can replace my quote that you mentioned with the number “4” and the point remains the same. :slight_smile:
Of course you realize I’m not just talking about loaning robots at off-season events anymore, right? I’m waaaaay off topic at this point.


Of course they are not exclusive; much like this year’s game, balance is essential.

In talking about FRC teams, I once heard a wise man named Andy say that you can’t judge a team unless you understand what it’s goals are. In my few years in FRC, I’m glad to see that teams with different goals can still come together in this community and share a greater sense of connectedness. I know my team is humbled by the amount of work chairman’s award-winning teams (yes, we do scout teams based solely on awards) put into helping other teams, and while my team helps out other teams when asked, I feel like we as a team are focused on getting our own house in order before we feel confident enough to take other teams under our wing. While that may sound self-serving, it is rooted in the belief that our team still has much to learn and accomplish before we will feel capable of being able to help other teams on a deep and meaningful scale.

Our team has traveled to three out-of-state events over the past few years. We have learned a great deal about the greater FRC community, and made connections with teams that run the gamut of any scale you could put on calibre of program. This coming year we plan on going to all of the Texas regionals so that we can participate more in the local community, and so that we can deepen relationships with friends we’ve made on other teams from here in Texas. It is my hope that in doing so, 2789 will continue to grow strong enough to someday be able to help other teams, rookies, rebuilding teams, or otherwise. Last year, the TRR was a great growing experience for us, and we are definitely looking forward to this year’s roundup!

I would also like to point out that teams like 148, 118, 1477 and 16 mentor and inspire 2789 without even knowing it by not making it easy for us to beat them. :slight_smile:

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List of Registered Teams can now be found HERE

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Jess, what’s the team count cap this year? Last year I believe it was 32?


The cap is set at 40 for veteran team registration; we are reserving an additional 2 slots for pre-rookies that are in the works. 26 teams have completed registration. I have received expressed interest from more teams than spots still left.

We are currently in the Early Registration period until May 25th. Regular Registration closes officially on June 29th, after which the event committee may accept additional teams on a wait list.

Last year the cap was set at 30 teams. 29 teams registered. Two backed out before the event due to circumstances out of their control, two were no-shows.

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In the meantime, can we channel this discussion back to TRR ?

Good luck to all the teams at this event.
I wish we could go, but the robot shipping logistics nightmare is just too much to worry about.
We intend to just do IRI the week before as we try to find possible alternatives to not having the same shipping company handle our robot just for that event.

You will be missed. But I think you need to keep a little sanity. Traveling back and forth over 5 time zones have got to wear a person down.

Well, that is our loss. Seriously. I was really hoping you guys could make it to TRR. That would truly be amazing.

P.S. Good luck at IRI. Bring it.


I was really looking forward to getting a better look at you guys at TRR. I didn’t get a chance to get a closer look at your robot at Lone Star. I did enjoy talking with one of your mentors and was hoping to speak you all again. Hopefully you guys can make it next year.


I ran out of ice cream, so can you give us any new updates on the team list?