2012 Utah regional

This may be two early to post this but I’m going to anyway. Who’s coming to the Utah regional. Team2993 is and we are planning to set up a minecraft server for the teams attending!

FRC 2789: Team TechXsplosion will be proudly representing the great state of Texas at the Utah regional! We’re fired up from making it to the Semi-Finals at the Alamo Regional last week, and look forward to making new FRC friends both on the field and off the field up in Utah!

Team 1891 will also be attending, hope to see you all there.

The server will be on my computer after dinner each day, by the way, so if you want the IP address (You’ll need Hamachi to connect. It’s free and on the internet.), look for the Megabots hoodie with my username on it in the stands. If I’m not there, it’s because I’ve run somewhere else for scouting purposes.

Speaking as another member of Team 2993, I would not bet on a minecraft server being set up. As Team Captain, I would prefer if our programmers spent their time calibrating the shooter xD

I would also like to remind everyone that we’ll be brining our MegaHelpers again this year, and if you need any help, just look out for their grey vests.

It will be nice to not have to walk so far to get from the pits to the arena this year. :smiley:

Don’t worry. If they get on I’ll boot them.

Please refrain from setting up any kind of wireless network at the event. See the administrative manual,
Section 4: At the Event, Rules and Courtesies

Teams are not allowed to set up their own 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz or 5GHz) wireless communication (access points or ad-hoc networks) in the venue
Note that a wireless hot spot created by a cellular device would be considered an access point, and thus not allowed

Also please be considerate to other teams who look for valuable stand space for scouting and other competition duties. :slight_smile:

That being said, I’m going back on topic…

California is checking in! Team 399 is excited to return to Utah this year and we hope to defend our regional championship title this year! We look forward to see the friends we’ve made last year! :smiley:

The “tunnel of love” was an interesting experience, but one that will not be missed :slight_smile:

3456 is incredibly excited to be back in Utah! We’ll be bringing yellow shirts and a ton of spirit!

We’re really excited to show off our robot “Mis. Fathom” and her awesome tilting abilities and para-diagonal bumpers. Ask about her namesake for an interesting story haha. And also, be on the lookout for a special trick on the bridge sometime on Thursday :).

I’d like to give a special shout-out to team 4175 from Driggs, Idaho and team 4178 from Declo, Idaho. LiveWire was grateful to have the opportunity to start and mentor new FRC teams this year, and we can’t wait for you to get the FIRST experience and show us all what you’ve come up with!

We will hopefully be bringing out our mobile machine shop for everyone to use during the course of the event, and we’re all really excited to get to know all of you!

I personally would love to get to know as many people as possible during the competition, please come talk to me if you feel so inclined. I’ll be in a bright yellow shirt and shorts (even if it’s snowing) and PR claims my beard is to be dyed yellow…

Only 7 more days to wait!

4106 The Bots of Prey is looking forward to attending the Utah event!

From what I gather, it will be an after-hours relaxation server, for all teams at the event, set up in our hotel, over their wifi, after we eat dinner.

Good luck to all of the teams visiting the Utah Regional. We promise to make it the best we can. Seek out any of my team (InTech MegaBots Team 2993) members for help with ANYTHING; especially those in the grey MegaHelper vests. If they can’t help you directly, they will find someone that can.

I am actually really excited about this year’s competition. I think we should do pretty well. I would feel a little more confident in our robot, “Phenomenom”, if PNY SD cards worked with Pandaboards and Ubuntu. (Curses under breath.) We spent almost 5 weeks trying to get the stupid thing to load software only to find out that we needed to use SanDisk. Good thing we have some time on Thursday to work on fine tuning it.

Also, we have a bit larger pit area at the Utah Regional. It is 12’ wide by 10’ deep. We are making a slight modification to our pit design to accommodate the extra room. It will be really nice to have an extra 20 square feet. :slight_smile: Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. We will do our best to find an answer.

Team 2486 the CocoNuts will be there from Flagstaff, Arizona!!

We are all super excited to meet some new teams and to compete! Can’t wait! We are also going to be going to ice skating at the Olympic Oval Wednesday night. We are really looking forward to having some fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Our mobile machine shop is ready to go, the motorized robot cart is finished, CAN is functional, several secret surprises planned and finalized, we’re getting to bed before 2, and we’re way excited to compete in just one day!

Who’s ready to RUMBLE?!?!?!?