2012 Windriver Install problem

We have installed disk one of windriver 3.0 but when the second disk with 3.3 is installed, when you open 3.3 you get a conflict with 3.0… Are supposed to only used disk two (says install for windows 7 and xp 64 bit…)?

What kind of error is it? Are you using the same initial workspace?

nvm, found error

Please share the error and what you did to avoid it for the benefit of others who may search the forums for a solution.


In the instructions it said to be sure not to run WindRiver 3.0 after you install disk one. If you did, you would get an error when you tried to run 3.3. You have to kill the WindRiver Registry in your taskbar. Also look for the WindRiver Registry in Task Manager and kill it. Then run 3.3. That should work.

Also, make sure you install all of the National Instruments Software or you will not see the FRC Examples.

If you need any more help, just ask me. I had the same issues and fixed it this morning.

-Eagle Engineering 1138

This would mean that the WPILib would also be missing before installing the NI Software correct? Im currently wondering why I had no projects/WPILib files.:ahh:

This is inaccurate. The NI software that needs to be installed is the Tools / Utilities base software. This installs the drivers needed by the cRIO Imaging Tool.

You need to install the C++ Workbench update to get the examples and WPILib.

Note that the installer first posted for kick-off was missing the WPILib.a file. This was corrected Sunday morning and should now be available and working correctly.