2013 Battle O' Baltimore-Sept. 21

Announcing the 7th annual Battle O’ Baltimore!

Brought to you by the Baltimore Area Alliance teams (BAA)

September 21, 2013, with some practice time on Friday evening September 20.

Boys’ Latin School
822 West Lake Avenue, Baltimore MD 21210

30 teams

Updated website, registration, and how to volunteer coming soon.
$150 to register before Aug. 1
$200 to register after Aug. 1

Registration packet attached.
Website still undergoing updates.

Battle o’ Baltimore2013 (3).zip (1.42 MB)

Battle o’ Baltimore2013 (3).zip (1.42 MB)

2914 just sent in their registration email, looking forward to getting another chance to play Ultimate Ascent!


The 2013 Battle O’ Baltimore website has been updated: www.battleobaltimore.com

BAA website: www.firstbaa.com

Excited to announce that the 2013 Battle O’ Baltimore will be part of Baltimore Innovation Week!

The field for the 2013 Battle O’ Baltimore is filling out quickly. We currently have 20 teams on the list and we are capping the field at 30.

If you plan to attend get your registration forms in soon, and don’t forget to submit your Lunch pre-order form also!

When will an updated list of team be on the website it would be nice to see who all is coming

It’s there now. Updates ongoing.

6 slots left before we reach 30 robots.

Couple more registrations in so far this week.
For inquiries about volunteering, visit the contact page on the website for the email address. www.battleobaltimore.com

Looks like 2 slots left before we go to wait list status. If your team is definitely interested in participating, send in the registration form today.

The site says only 23 teams are signed up.
Any chance it will be updated soon?

Are you coming Ed?

BoB is full with 30 robots. Wait list started.
Updates to website coming.

Website updated. There is at least one more team to be listed on the waitlist.

The BoB is now officially part of Baltimore Innovation Week 2013.
Visitors are welcome to register on the BIW website for a 30 minutes behind-the-scenes tour of the event. http://baltimoreinnovationweek.com/

I am recruiting student ambassadors. Interested? Send the names of students and email to: battleobaltimore (at) gmail.com

This visitor program will be similar to the “FIRST Stop” and TEDxAdventure program held at the Chesapeake Regional. http://www.mdfirst.org/programs/first-robotics-competition/chesapeake-regional/visitors-first-stop.html

Happy to answer any questions!

Payment is due on Aug. 15. At that time all unpaid teams will be moved to the waitlist.
We’ve already had one team added to the event off the waitlist.
If your team is interested in participating, send in the registration form ASAP. You will be placed on the waitlist and Mark will let you know after Aug. 15 where you stand. http://www.battleobaltimore.com/

There may be an opening for one more team at the BoB. If you know of a team interested - please have them complete the registration form asap to get on the wait list. Only teams who have submitted a registration form will be considered. http://www.battleobaltimore.com/

For those competing in the BoB: An email with all the details and reminders about scoring, food, judging changes, elimination rounds, load in, schedule, parking, and safety will be going out in the next couple of weeks. Most of the details are also posted on the website. http://www.battleobaltimore.com/

For everyone on the mailing list: An email will be going out with an invite for you to use to invite guests and sponsors to the event; a call for Student Ambassadors; and info about a rookie Q & A (for parents, mentors, students) and about a NEMO meeting (non-engineering mentor organization) that will be part of the day. You don’t need to be competing to participate in these.

More information going out to all the teams and volunteers in the next week.
We are still recruiting for some volunteer positions. Please email battleobaltimore[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

NEMO meeting will be held 10-11am. Invite attached.
Rookie Q & A meeting will be held 1-2pm. This is for new students, mentors, parents and supporters as well as veterans who would like to contribute.

2013NEMO_BoB.pdf (34.3 KB)

2013NEMO_BoB.pdf (34.3 KB)

Email sent to all the teams with more details.

**Volunteers Needed. **We are still recruiting for some volunteer positions, esp. Field Reset and a couple of Official Scorers. We will have quite a few veteran volunteers this year, but also will have many in training as we seek to grow the event volunteer base in Maryland.

**Team Envoys. ** We will be engaging Honors robotics students from UMBC under the direction of Dr. Susan Hoban from NASA/UMBC as Team Envoys. Most teams will have a Team Envoy assigned to spend the day with their team. The Team Envoys will be asking lots of questions and learning about FRC. Please welcome them to join your team for this day.

**Baltimore Innovation Week. **We are excited to be a featured program for Baltimore Innovation Week. We are encouraging the general public to register.

Student Ambassadors. We are recruiting students to be Ambassadors, giving tours to the public and talking about FIRST. Training will be provided.

NEMO- the Non-Engineering Mentor Organization will be meeting from 10-11 am in the Get Involved! room. All adults (mentors/parents/sponsors) are welcome to attend.

**Rookie Q & A **will be held from 1-2 in the Get Involved! room. This is open to rookie students, mentors, sponsors, and parents to address your questions. Veterans are welcome to attend.