2013 Bayou Regional

Haven’t seen the discussion thread for the 2013 Bayou Regional yet, so here we go:

55 Teams attending:
364----442 ----456

Team 2992 is looking forward to some good games, excellent competition, fun times, and gracious professionalism at the upcoming Bayou.

See you all there, where we will be entering “Viper” as our Ultimate Ascent robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdpNVwZmPbs

We put together a group of Bayou Regional teams on twitter:


Let us know if your team is attending the Bayou and has a twitter account that we missed.


and check out our cart, the students love it

We’ve got a lot of visitors this year (the furthest being 155 from CT!!) so Bayou is going to be loads of fun!!

9 from Florida
6 from Mississippi
4 from Alabama
4 from Texas
2 from Tennessee
1 from Oklahoma
1 from South Carolina
1 from Arkansas
1 from Connecticut
1 from Georgia

Also, here are some stats of the teams coming to Bayou:

1 Regional Winner (118)
2 Regional Finalist (233 and 3847)
1 Engineering Inspiration Award Winner (118)

15/55 teams have competed in one regional already
6 rookies attending Bayou this year!!

4209 is looking forward to meeting all the teams for our second year at Bayou!!

It’s definitely an improvement from when your cart had backwards flames from 2009. :rolleyes: Unless that IS the same cart just with flashy lights :wink: All in all it looks fantastic.

We have come a long way in only those few years. Our cart growth was unprecedented and dare I say, revolutionary, to our team. The cart is now the pillar of inner growth and team bonding, together we stand united. :wink:

The Mad Rockers are headed down this afternoon fresh from the Peachtree Regional, with 17 students and 12 mentor/parent/chaperones, quick feeding (the robot and the team :smiley: ) and an autonomous 3 point shooter all dialed in. We’ve decided to change directions on the 10 point climb and are going with pneumatics. If anyone coming has a couple of rod end clevis’s for 2" Bimba cylinders (1/2" thread) we could use I’d sure appreciate it - come find us in the pits, we’re right next to the practice field. Otherwise we’ll be making them from threaded couplings.

Where did you find a pit layout for the Bayou? I went to their new site and can’t find one anywhere.

Can you link it?

It came in an email yesterday to the main contacts.

2013 FIRST Bayou New Orleans Floor Plan.pdf (162 KB)

2013 FIRST Bayou New Orleans Floor Plan.pdf (162 KB)

Anyone know if there will be a webcast for Bayou this year ?

We have some students and mentors who will be working webcast

Let me know if you need any extra hands. We’ve got some students that wouldn’t mind helping out

  • Xavier, 4209

Same over here! 3337 and 3753 are exited this year!

Also, LSU’s STEP program will have their LSU peer mentors offering their help at Bayou Regional this year! Look for us with the BLUE shirts!

Good luck to every team!:smiley:

The audio on the webcast is in dire need of leveling. The music and game sounds overpowers the announcing, and is extremely loud.

Agreed, someone should mention this to the audio people at the event.

I was impressed with 3753 the BulahBots, they put up a bunch of points with 1649 , 120 points without fouls right out of the gate. Not to mention two great dump and climb robots, 1421 and 2992 scored 50 points with their climb/dump in their 1st matches

Bayoushould be interesting !

Any info on the score change in match 25? It’s a pretty drastic change. I wasn’t able to watch it, so I have no idea what happened. Penalties?

Congratulations Wendy!

The Blue Alliance’s discs were scored as Auton discs instead of teleop. It was just a simple mistake by the scoring table and was corrected quickly.

Sadly 364 lost due to comm issues and not enough penalty points. In our pivotal match to move on to the semi-finals our alliance member 2992 lost comms and couldn’t get to the pyramid to climb for 50 points. I did not see any comm issues until that time of the tournament. Many mentors are infuriated because we believe that the issues were caused by an outside source.

Also, many penalties were not counted. We were hit, smashed, and pushed all around the field including while we were in our protected areas. We were once pushed down the field sideways for about 10 seconds. The most penalty points we were awarded was 12 which accounts for 4 penalties if I’m mistaken. There were more penalties than that.

Just my two cents, but I just believe that we should have went on.

Congrats to 1912 for winning FOUR consecutive chairman’s at Bayou !

Bayou had some of the most fierce defensive play I’ve seen this year.
1421 showed that you can beat a great scorer like 118 with a mix of defensive play and a reliable 50 point climb & dump strategy.

I hope bayou gets archived on blue alliance, I would like to watch a couple of those elimination rounds again.