2013 Beantown Blitz - June 1st, 2013

Please Brandon! :smiley:

I’m personally hoping for some “golden frisbees” that are worth double points.

I’ll second that “tweak.”

LOL… ask FIRST if you can paint some white frisbees gold.
I wonder how the paint would stick, I would imagine the paint would be stripped off (if shot out of a robot).

Hey how about double points for colored (red/blue) frisbees if thrown into a goal by a human player?

All good suggestions thus far! (Minus the coopertition pyramid :-P).

We’re open to all suggestions and will start making the final call on changes post-Championship. Keep em coming!


I like the double points for human player disk scores, it’s a little extra reward without getting too overhanded.

What about a 15 point score if a human player can get a red/blue disk on top of the pyramid? Haven’t seen that happen yet…

I remember seeing at least two of those scores at GSR, and I’ve heard of more at other regionals, but they’re so rare that I feel like it is definitely worth that many points.

At this point in time we have 32 teams registered for the Blitz this year. We still have open spots so make sure you register soon!

Current teams are shownhere

You can register here

If you haven’t been to the Blitz before we have one the easiest load-ins ever. You can drive your car right into the arena and up to your pit! It doesn’t get any easier than that. All this in addition to a top notch event.

The Beantown Blitz is just 2.5 weeks away. We are very close to being completely full. If your team is interested in joining the fun, please get in touch with us ASAP at beantownblitz [AT] gmail [DOT] com, or by registering your team here: http://www.nutrons.com/registration-page/

We currently will be welcoming 36 awesome teams to join the fun:
125 The NUTRONs
4761 Robockets
1027 Project Jabberwocky
4048 Redshift
1517 The Lumberjacks
133 Bonny Eagle Robotics Team (B.E.R.T.)
1350 The Rambots
1071 Team MAX
88 TJ(Squared)
78 AIR Strike
175 Buzz Robotics
1058 PVC Pirates
121 Rhode Warriors
1965 SJPHS “Firebirds”
1073 The Force Team
2648 Infinite Loop
4555 Sprocketology
2791 Shaker Robotics
2713 iRaiders
1474 Master Link Militia
3958 Schrödinger’s Cat
3236 Tri-Force
4473 REM Delta Prime
839 Rosie Robotics
1100 T-Hawks
348 Norwell robotics
4042 Spartan Eagles
2877 Ligerbots
4796 Dragon 1
4564 Orange Chaos
172 The Northern Force
3930 SMART Robotic
2168 Aluminum Falcons
1761 Lynn Tech Robotics
5125 (Pre-Rookie) Haverhill, MA

We always are looking for good volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer for the Blitz, feel free to register here: http://www.nutrons.com/?page_id=432&preview=true

We will be posting our final rule tweaks and updates by this weekend, so stay tuned for some exciting information about the BLITZ!


Just wanted to add this as well, if you are planning on volunteering at the Blitz, please register here: http://www.nutrons.com/?page_id=432&preview=true

Even if I’ve already had a conversation with you, this is to ensure we get our headcounts and tshirt sizes correct.

See you then!

Has the 2013 t-shirt design been posted yet?

I’m so excited for my first event as a volunteer, got the confirmation email today. The UberBots will make a return to Beantown in spirit (and most likely with monkey in tow) and from what I remember in 2010, it’s a great event. Can’t wait for Saturday!

Here you go. There’s also a customink logo below the other sponsors on the back.

Thanks! That looks wicked sick. I’ll definitely be buying one!

Does anyone know if there will be a live feed to watch this from home?

I don’t know for sure, but if there is I bet it will be on blue alliance. Hopefully someone from 125 can enlighten us.

As we have done the past number of years, we will be streaming the Beantown Blitz live!

Follow us here starting at 8:30am tomorrow: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/beantown-blitz-2013

Luckily the event is in a cement hockey arena with a great HVAC system, we should avoid the killer heat wave outside!

Best of luck to all teams competing, the field is set and we are ready for another great Blitz!


thank you very very much!

What are the alliance selections?
The feed is too blurry to make out.

Sorry I don’t have the actual pairings, but here’s the elimination bracket.