2013 Buckeye Regional

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Who’s planning on going?

174 signed up at the last minute. It will be great going back to Buckeye, the site of our first regional win (2006) and seeing the many great teams headed there that we will play with/against at FLR.

Looks to be a solid event this year.

68 plans on going, but I think were on the wait list. I want to go but I will be out of town on the day of the regional.

According from the frc website it looks like you guys are in. I have attached the updated list of teams.

Regional and Qualifying Events _ USFIRST.pdf (114 KB)

Regional and Qualifying Events _ USFIRST.pdf (114 KB)

Team 1014 will be attending Buckeye this year. (This is our first time ever to attend two regional competitions, and Buckeye will be the second.)

340 will be there again. We are looking forward to playing with some of the teams we met last year and playing with a good number of teams that are traditionally at FLR. Should be a fun weekend!

Team 1629 will be attending the Buckeye Regional again. We look forward to competing with everyone in attendance!!! This Regional usually provides some pretty awesome matches. See everyone there!

Team 2512 from Duluth, MN is coming to Buckeye this year. We are looking forward to meeting and playing a lot of the great teams from “out east.”

Thanks Steve!

I was talking to an individual who attended the Buckeye Regional a couple years ago. This person told me the location of the regional is in an unsafe part of town. I was wondering if anyone who has been there in the last couple of years could comment on the venue and safety of the event. We want to be prepared prior to arriving in Cleveland. Thanks Folks.

Myself and the rest of 340 are looking forward to being back in the Buckeye State for the second year in a row! It was a ton of fun last year, and look forward to the great competition again!

There is a private parking lot directly across the street from the venue. It is not controlled by Cleveland State University police. A Team 48 mentor’s van was stolen from this lot in 2002. A few years later, in the same lot, someone broke into a Team 48 alumnus’ car and stole a bunch of stuff.

Moral of story - park in a gated CSU lot. Have fun!

1551 had a blast last year despite persistent shooter gremlins, and will be back this year.

I went to CWRU for grad school in the early 90s, and my wife went to Cleveland State. We both have family in the area, so we get there a lot. And This will be the 7th trip 1014 has made to the Buckeye Regional. I have attended 4 others. The area around CSU is a lot nicer now than it was 10-15 years ago. Probably safer too.

I heartily agree with Travis’ recommendation to park in one of the CSU lots. There is actually a CSU parking garage across the street. We are staying in the Hilton Garden Hotel again, which is a couple of blocks away. We take a school bus up from Dublin, which drops us off and comes back on Saturday. So we walk everywhere. We have not had any problems with crime in the area outside the venue. (I actually had my car broken into once on my trip to the regional, but it was broken into out in the suburb of Walton Hills. Just goes to show you that you need to be careful everywhere I guess.) It is a city however, so you have to take reasonable precautions. We make sure the kids know that they don’t go anyplace outside the venue alone.

It isn’t in the fancy tourist-facing side of Cleveland where the American Iron Chef plops a restaurant down, but at least we’re not Detroit! (Famous video reference there)

In all seriousness, parking in the CSU lots is your best bet. You have practically no security with any of the generic $5/day lots. Other than that, it’s your standard mid-sized city. There’s bound to be looting and robberies. Just don’t leave valuables out in the seats and you’ll be fine.

Team 2834 will be coming for the first time. We are from the Metro Detroit area. I hope it is okay.

Thanks for the information everyone. I believe we will see you all in Cleveland.

Team 781—The Kinetic Knights—will be making our return from 2 years ago to the marvellous city of Cleveland, Ohio! Can’t wait to see the teams we missed last year!

Gettin’ pumped for Fingerlakes 2.0!

201’s signed up. Which teams should we look out for? All these names are foreign to me.