2013 Buckeye Regional

Is this your guys’ first time coming to Buckeye? We’ve been a team since 2010 coming back every year- and it looks like there’s a lot of new (and returning) faces this year!

3266 checking in.

Forgive me if I don’t mention some names, but here’s what I would notice on FIRST glance.

1126—SparX—is a year in and year out excellent team that did a great job at Finger Lakes this year with 48 and another team, even making the finals.

340—Greater Rochestor Robotics (GRR)—is one of the defending winners of the Buckeye regional and have a great bot; look out for them. They’re also a model FRC team with 7 chairman’s wins at Finger Lakes, including a 5 straight streak broken this year by 2809, K-Botics.

2016—Mighty Monkey Wrenches—are also a brilliant team with 2 regional chairman’s wins and good success at world’s, including a world finalist in 2011 and Newton finalists in 2008.

Kind of brief, but I figured you just wanted to know some name and numbers to watch for at the regional. I’m sure you’ll get to know more about them at the regional; they light up the competition.

All of them.

And no seriously, all of the teams descending upon Buckeye are top notch, reaching elimination matches in their previous events. This year, Buckeye is not just a random set of teams but a high-performance event and I bet that you’ll find a lot of surprise winners.

On another note, 174 knows what was wrong with our drive train back from at FLR (we think) and will be fixing it most of thursday. We will make a much better showing at Buckeye so everyone better throw out your old scouting data on us. :smiley:

Couldn’t agree more- the first time we saw the roster for Buckeye we knew it was going to be the toughest event we’re attending. 68, 174, 706, and of course 1/3 of FLR’s winning alliance, 3003. Definitely going to be an awesome event.

It is great what some teams can do between regionals. Paul Copioli—or Mike and Justin, I couldn’t tell who was speaking at the time—was mentioning in a match how 772’s shooter has gotten a lot better from one regional to the next.

Our robot also improved a lot from our… interesting performance at Toronto East to Waterloo, where we got our 3 disc autonomous working in one match and a couple discs in most other matches later on. An example of how our shooter got a lot better was in a match with 1114 where we were completely ignored by a defensive bot in favour of going after Simbotics, which gave us open ground and we winded up getting a good number of frisbees ourselves.

It’s great to see what the teams’ pit crews can do in such a minimal amount of time.

1629 GaCo would like to wish everyone safe travels in this snowy weather. The robots are about to decend upon Cleveland!!! Watch out, here we come!

Team 3260 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be attending. It should be interesting as this our first FRC regional outside of the Pittsburgh regional.

3591 will be there

Here’s the current weather forecast. Make sure you dress appropriately, especially if you plan on walking to Quicken Loans Arena for the social. Being by the lake can make it feel colder than what it is when they wind is blowing.


For all of your food and entertainment needs, check out Positively Cleveland, our official tourism organization.

Thanks for choosing the Buckeye Regional, and welcome to Northeast Ohio! :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen an update to the NASA page with week 5.

Does anyone have a link to the live feed for Buckeye? I hope there is one…


Yep. Here you go.


Looking forward to the great competition this weekend!

Sadly 306 will not be attending Buckeye this year, first time in 4 years. The band had a trip planned for this weekend and over half of our very small team is in the band, so we went to Queen city instead. A group of us are how ever coming down Friday to support all of the teams, If any team finds out Thursday they need anything, let us know and we will bring anything down from our shop. Best of luck to all teams! See you all Friday!

This will be our first year providing webcast for a regional- so if anyone has any feedback during/after the fact (preferably during, would like to get everything adjusted ASAP!), shoot me a PM or post here. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if we could get some archived video from the practice matches uploaded?

Looking forward to a great competition. Just a heads up that the qualification schedule it out for the Buckeye Regional. Good luck teams!



Overall, it’s been working well. A couple of audio glitches.

Any chance of getting the commercials out of sync with the actual matches? :rolleyes:

Congratulations to Buckeye Regional tournament champions 639, 2834, and 2252. You put on a great show!

Now that it’s over, I’m curious to know how the Buckeye compares to the other regionals you have attended this year. Areas for discussion: what did everyone think of the Cavaliers basketball game as the team social? What about loading and unloading your robot, parking, robot inspection, overall pit environment, and the practice facilities? Anything else?

Honestly. The regional was not that great.

If you would like more feedback, I’ll happily give it to you in a PM.

This is our first time attending the Buckeye Regional. I think it is well run. Loading and unloading was easy. Parking was plentiful closeby, and not expensive. Robot inspectors were very experienced and quick. Pit was spacious. It was nice to have the option to attend the basketball game but we did not take advantage of it because our team usually like to have a nice team dinner together.

However practice facilities is lacking with 53 teams. We have to wait for a very long time to get to use the field. Also had a bad experience with an Ohio team with one parent saving 5 rows (over 60 seats) by herself when our team was all there. She would not let us take any of the seats and her team finally showed up 10 minutes later. Not knowing what the social norm is in Ohio, we did not make a big fuss about it. Another complaint I have is the concession stand. I have no problem with not allowing outside food and expensive food. It is like that in a lot of places. My biggest problem is they are only open for a very short time during the peak lunch hour. I guess it is not worth their time to staff the concession stand when there may not be a lot of customers. So if I miss the lunch hour because we have to work on the robot, then we are out of luck.

Security didn’t let in any food, but during lunch the food stands ran out of food almost immediately today. The practice field was off by about 5 inches I think. The pyramid on the field was separated at the connection above the first rung before one of our matches, and I saw the pyramids lifting up throughout the day. When having the teams cheer for their state you forgot ours. Also the comment by the announcer about us being in unwelcomed territory was unnecessary.