2013 BunnyBots Game

Hello everyone,

The rules for BunnyBots 2013 have been released! For those of you who don’t know, BunnyBots is an offseason competition that we on 1540 run each year. The interesting part is that the rules change each year – our mentors and graduating seniors come up with them. This year, the game is vaguely similar to pool. Sorry, not a water game, but pool with an 8 ball.

The rules, along with a place to sign up, can be found at http://team1540.org/bunnybotsgame/.

To keep up with all things BunnyBots, like the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/bunnybots1540/.

We hope to see some great competition this year!

Outreach Manager, Team 1540

PS message me or the Facebook page with any questions.

Are there plans to make more detailed drawings of the pockets available?

There’s a more detailed written description above the field diagram under ‘Pockets’. Pretty much they’re made of 4" foam rubber Velcroed to the floor. If you’re looking for something beyond that, contact Dale Yocum.

Thanks to Eric’s eagle eye there were some details about the pocket construction that weren’t specified. That’s been corrected in version 1.01 of the rules posted now.

The portion that was changed is specifies that the red tape is 2" wide, the foam pocket is a single layer of 4" foam rubber velcroed to the carpet, and the interior is constructed from a single layer of green gaffers tape applied directly to the carpet.

Looks like a fun game, I’m anxious to get our team going on some brainstorming. Thanks for again organizing this always fun offseason event.

I noticed that you used the “old” 28 x 38 perimeter dimensions instead of the “new” 112" rule from last year. Was this intentional?

That was intentional. If The FRC rules stay that way another year we might change it for 2014. We left at the old dimensions for several reasons:

It’s easier to build a bigger robot and BunnyBots is about getting new members up to speed.

Some teams have left over drive base parts from the old dimensions so this is less expensive for them.

Teams are always welcome to make a robot smaller as a personal challenge for themselves but they can’t opt to make it bigger if we went with the smaller dimensions.

Would you mind clarifying something? I’m curious how a ball is scored and for how long it needs to be there. The rules state that a ball is scored when:

“Some portion of the ball is momentarily or constantly in contact with the green interior portion of the goal.”

Lets say a robot acquires a ball, elevates it off the floor, and shoots it downward toward the green scoring zone. The ball hits the green gaffers tape and immediately bounces out of bounds. Does this count as a score? According to the rules I’d say it does. My brain is telling me it might not, maybe because this is nothing like how the game of pool is played and I’m not sure how far to take the pool analogy…

That is correct, the ball just needs to touch the green area momentarily.

Also, the rules were updated to 1.1 to make an endless loop robot much more difficult.

Hi Dale

Can you give more detail on specifically what type of green gaffers tape you’ll be using? We’re considering doing some computer vision based on color recognition, and there appear to be several shades of green gaffers tape.


Creative idea! The tape is neon green. Ours is http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TPG37U/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A23VKRUGUD63LA