2013 Chairman's Award Submissions

A few teams have started posting their 2013 Chairman’s Award submissions.

I started a Google spreadsheet to keep track of these so that more teams can find them and be inspired. Anyone can edit. If your team would like to have other teams see your submission please add links to the spreadsheet.

2013 Chairman’s Award Submissions Spreadsheet

Thanks for doing this, this is great! Kudos! Posted our just now. We no longer officially qualify, but do it anyway, makes us a better team!

But its good practice for when you do qualify again.

As far as I know, no Championship Chairman’s Winning team has ever reentered, even those that are allowed to by the rules.

No, and I don’t think any of them would really consider entering. However it is valuable thing to get experience giving presentations, and then getting critiqued, in front of people. I wouldn’t have a problem with CC teams presenting at a competition.

I completely agree, your last statement just made it seem like you assumed they would be entering again when their time was up.

At the annual chairman’s HOF meetings, it was unanimous that hall of fame means one time, otherwise its not really a HOF. Having said that, generally there are 10 or less entries for Chairman’s at any given regional. It was felt that HOF teams that competed for Chairmans again, would cause the already limited pool of CA submitters to decline. The point it seemed to us was to get more teams involved not have the same pool fight over for it again. Maybe the decision is wrong… but that was the stand at the last few meetings. HOF are trying to help other become HOF members. We want to spread FIRST message and that means more teams, not the same teams. That said, it is the HOF teams mission to find other ways to spread FIRSTs message. We hold many other ether STEM events like NURC and compete in AUVSI Robosub. Rise to the next challenge and all that. You don’t need to be fighting for Chairman’s in FIRST to be a chairman’s team! Doing the right thing is always right, not just when then there is an award attached to it…

Here is the page on our website with our submissions for the past two years.


That’s not true, I know of a HOF team that re-entered and didn’t win at the regional level.

We’re up to 8 teams who have posted their Chairman’s essay. I know there are many more teams willing to share.

FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics from Alexandria, MN has posted our Chairman’s Essay, Chairman’s Executive Summary, and Pictures.

Thank you to Team 3847 for providing an organized place to keep them!

Thanks for posting your team is awesome and has shared so much this season. I hope to see you at championship this year.

Now that the week one regionals are over. Do any of the teams that submitted in week one want to post their Chairman’s Submissions? We still only have nine 2013 submissions.

It might be worth noting if they were winning submissions and at what regional they won.

That’s a great idea. Once we get some that have won, I’ll add a column or two. I’ve reached out to all the winners from week 1 to see if they are willing to share their submissions. Hopefully we will start getting more teams posting their essays.

I don’t see this year’s submission up yet, but 1629 has their past 3 Chairman’s submissions which have won 2010 RCA, 2011 REI and CEI, and 2012 RCA and CEI. The Chairman’s materials were used to supplement talking to judges about EIA which is why I listed those as well.

We published our chairmans on our website.

Every year we have published our chairmans and archived our website/entry on our DiscoBots Splash page.

The RoboBees’ Chairman’s Award related documents are located here on our website. While this year’s documents may not be there yet they will be shortly. We will also be posting video of our judge’s presentation and our Chairman’s Award Video from this year at some point. If you have any question feel free to ask.

I had a chance to review some of your work from your website.
Kudos to you folks!
You folks have been one of my favorite teams for the work that you folks do and the amount of time and effort put in building an entire program for years.
You folks have definitely set the bar very high for others to emulate/follow.

Good luck to you folks at CMP this year and congratulations on winning the RCA at Palmetto.

There is another team that is very well-rounded as well like you folks and they compete this weekend. Lets see what happens.

I have a question about the presentation as well. First Robotics Team 1758 Has a regional in three days and would like to know if not showing the video during the presentation was better than showing it and waiting for them to respond with more questions about our team. This year’s video is coming along swimmingly and looks fantastic. Our presentation how ever (because we lack experience with this) is coming up short on ideal answers to any question the judges could ask. This forum has helped greatly. We are submitting outside our home regional due to our regional being one of the many during the first week.
Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.