2013 CIM Allocation

This year the GDC has blessed us with a great new rule… 6 CIM’s!! There are products on the market this year to allow team’s to use 6 CIM’s for their drive, now my question to y’all is how will your team be allocating your 6 CIM’s? 4 for drive and maybe 2 for hang or all 6 on drive?

We on using 4 CIMs on Vex Pro shifters on our drivetrain and the other two for climbing and/ or shooting. This year, teams have no lack of powerful motors, as we can use 4 mini-CIMS / BAG motors.

We are using 4 CIM’s with 20" nanotubes to direct drive mechanums. The other 2 will be used on the shooter. Our climber will be entirely pneumatic.

You can also have a up to 4 in any combination of the medium cim and the micro cim.

4, not 3. Please read the manual.

As of now, We’re using 2 for drive and 1 for the tosser.