2013 Code

Our programmers all abandoned us last year (they called it graduating). They taught classes all summer to get us ready and I am confident we can program the Roborio, but…

Our 2013 robot is being resurrected. Can I load the 2013 code into the 2015 Labview and deploy it to the CRio or do I have to find an old copy of Labview?

The 2013 FRC version of LabVIEW has expired. Even if you found it, you wouldn’t be able to use it. However, if you can find the robot program’s .rtexe file, you can put it on the cRIO using ftp. Note that you would probably want to use the 2013 version of the Driver Station at the same time.

There will almost certainly be enough differences between the old and new versions of LabVIEW that you won’t be able to drop it into a newer version and have it work. Depending on how complicated your code is, you might find it reasonable to rewrite it in the 2015 framework. Or it might actually be easier to write a new program from scratch.

Can we still write crio code in the current version? I thought they dropped it.

You can target a 4-slot cRIO using the old project or a new project that specifically says cRIO. The general templates and examples are for the roboRIO. It is of course possible to change these, but it is a bit detailed.

The 8-slot doesn’t have much RAM by today’s standards, and in order to get it to run reliably, you will need to remove vision or some other big element. So it isn’t supported, but technically can work if you customize a bit.

Greg McKaskle

Sounds like good practice for our new programmers… now if we can get the wheels to stop falling off. (2013 was a great year but rough on poor Baby Diva(our robot’s name))