2013 Connecticut Regional Videos

Here are some videos from Connecticut:
I apologize for any shakiness and fingers.

236 TechnoTicks

The trifecta of design. Shoots, Climbs, and Dumps.
Their best in a few years.
Potentially worth 68 points plus whatever they can shoot in tele-op.
94-63 win.

228 GUS and 2067 Apple Pi and their Rapid Cyclers.

118-72 win

195 CyberKnights, FCS, perspective from the other alliance as discs are filling the goal over their heads.

They won 109-31

Counting the discs after the win.

237 Black Magic and their end over end climb.

They eventually did it, just not in this match.

2168 Aluminum Falcons and Apple Pi.

Not their best matches, but they won 119-65
Also note 1991 Dragons Climbing for Red.

I know, Cyber Knights again, with the Falcons and 3464 Sim-City.
View from the field and then draining the 3’s from the Human Player station

Triple 10 point climb.

So, here they are:

Team 20, the Rocketeers, who eventually went undefeated and won the Regional with the CyberKnights and 95 The Grasshoppers.

You can compare this Robot to the videos from WPI. Their floor pickup is improved.
They had an autonomous fail, but you can see from the opening, that they are going for a 5 discs.

They go about their business very stealthily. Your watching the other Robots, the buzzer sounds, and your thinking: “Did the Rocketeers really score that many?”

Their closest match was a 3 point win over their eventual Regional Alliance partner, and new BFF, 195 CyberKnights. (Two years in a row winning Connecticut)

They are a wonderful and inspirational team that along with the CyberKnights will be contenders in their divisions in St. Louis.

GoPro Videos from on board 195’s robot:

Finals 2:

Finals 1:

Semi 1:

Match 69:

Match 54:

Match 43:

Match 36:

Playlist of Other Videos:

These are great videos! I haven’t been able to find any others on youtube yet that show a good video of 236’s climber because I don’t know how it works yet. I think you meant to write 236 for the techno ticks, not 237. They’ll be a fun robot to watch in St. Louis if they can get their full-court shooter working and if they can figure out how to get their climb time lower.

Thanks, fixed.

Here is 237’s successful climb

Thank you for the kind words and recognition! The autonomous mode is actually a 4 disc auto mode and it was pulled off twice on Friday. However, it is at this time too inconsistent to be useful. It was done with dead reckoning and we may be looking into doing it with sensors in the coming weeks before championships to nail it down. Strange thing was that it worked 80% of the time at the practice field, but 40% of the time on the real field.

And a note on that last sentence, that actually is a pretty darn good description. I’m surprised myself when I check our scouting database and see the scores we’re putting up.

According to this thread, CT Regional Competition - CALLING ALL CT REGIONAL TEAMS!!!, they have the archive of the webcast. Hopefully we’ll be able to access these videos soon.

I think I’ve captured most if not all of the two giant archives from the live stream by 230. Trouble is my capture process can only get 2Gb at a time. I’ve had to restart capturing part ways thru both friday and saturday files and the starts and stops are not aligned at all. I think I have overlaps. I’m using avidemux to split out parts of the giants. Strangely, one of the files gets most of the first three hours ignored by avidemux but media player classic can show the flv file OK. I went back and captured that part again, so I think the whole stream is here now even though there are hours of overlaps. It looks like there are 13Gb in the various capture segments. I have split out some matches Q2, 12, 21, 34, 46, 53, 62, 67, 79, 60, and 61. See a trend here? These are now available on youtube in the channel geewhiznonkid. I suppose I should entertain requests, but I’m sure there are more capable video handlers out there, aren’t there?

I’ve split out the matches that have local interest. I will entertain requests for other specific matches for a while. I left the team intros in where possible and waited for the score screen even though this means “commercials” since editing them out is even more tedious. Pro/con comments are invited.

How are you splitting up the matches? Do you have a (semi) automated solution, or are you doing it manually? I ask because I still have the majority of the webcast archived from last year, but haven’t gotten around to splitting it up due to lack of a good way to do it (manually would take forever)

All manual here. I just picked up avidemux program for the task. It may have a command line interface mode, so semi auto might be possible after making a survey of starting times and lengths of the segments you want.

Alright, thanks. I’ll take a look into avidemux and see if I can figure out a way to automate splitting somehow. If I get if figured out, I’d be happy to also split up this year’s regional for TBA archiving and such.

I was able to write up a quick bash script and was able to split up all last year’s matches (uploading to youtube now). If you can get me this year’s webcast video, I’ll be happy to split it all up.