2013 Field Pyramid Does not Match Manual Schematics


I recently downloaded the Inventor CAD models for the 2013 season (Through the Autodesk website) and noticed that the models for the pyramid significantly differ from the way they are described in the game animation and manual.

Here is how it is shown on my computer:

And here is how the manual describes the pyramid:

Note: I am viewing these models in Inventor Fusion Mac

I will update this as soon as I can try viewing the models in Inventor Pro (Windows)

It looks like the gusset part wasn’t loaded correctly… it was replaced by the weldment that supports the goal.

Also now that I look at it more closely, it appears that the legs are upside down. I have a hunch it might just be and inventor fusion problem

Where did you download this? I am still only seeing 2012 stuff when following FIRST’s link to Autodesk.

Today, even though it says ‘2012 Resources’ there is a link to the 2013 KOP which is also accessible through their generic file management page. Here is a link (you need to login first):


Thanks!! I actually have that page in my favorites, but I didn’t think to look there directly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s just inventor fusion on your Mac… I downloaded it and it looks fine to me. The whole bottom half of the alliance stations was missing for me though, just goals floating in the air…
Here’s what I get for the pyramid though:

Okay, it is just an issue related to inventor fusion for mac. I opened the same files on my PC and got it working. Is there a place I should report a bug?

Can you by chance give a different link to find the field CAD for inventer? I cannot find it using the link above

A STEP version can be found here:

You will have to use the pull down menu to select the right model. Select: “2013” AND “Competition Field STEP”. The Pick “Go”.

The model is not assembled correctly. It is a STEP file, so it comes in unconstrained. If you carefully re-constrain it, you can get a model that matches the Game manual.


Some comments.

  1. Yes, it looks like Fusion is not importing correctly. As shown in another screen capture the pyramid is OK when opened in Inventor.

  2. I have updated some constraint values as per the original thread and will repost on the community. Downlaod if you need a more accurate model.

  3. An updated STEP file is attached to this thread.

  1. If you are using STEP in a previous version of Inventor, select all the subassemblies in the browser. Right-click on the selection, and click Grounded.