2013 FRC Kickoff Discussion

Topic title is self-explanatory, a little over 30 minutes to go! Let’s just have a thread to keep all the discussion of what’s going on at kickoff in this one thread.

Excited, as always.

Link to stream,: http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/robotics/first/kickoff-2013/

*If the mods wanna have another thread/feel this thread isn’t necessary, feel free to delete/lock this ::rtm::

Can’t wait. There are some interesting things on the NASA channel right now.

Under way at Benton Harbor, in the beautiful Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College. Eleven teams attending.

Speeches have started …

Wooo…exciting! Anyone know if there’s a FIRST wiki site? Trying to look at some previous year’s ideas to potentially incorporate them into this year’s game.

All the prior games are here

I saw this “Sun” info-video last year. It’s quite dull.

Is anyone with me on the ideo of a keep away game with an arm?

Look at the photos on Chief Delphi. Many successful teams post information about their designs. I’m :yikes: :eek: :smiley: excited for the game!!

Where is the Game Animation going to be posted?

Most likely on the FIRSTworldTube youtube channel.

I can’t imagine how you eastern seaboarders feel. It’s only 9:30 and it’s still too early in the morning.

Well that stinks the school we are meeting at blocks YouTube can somebody post it here when it is found.

Some derp at Georgia Tech accidentally flashed a picture of the field on the big screen :smiley: :smiley:

From Dave Lavery on Twitter:

“FIRST Dean just said he wants to give every team a shovel. Game hint??? #omgRobots

Finally starting…

Stream has started, here we go!

2008’s intro is still better.

"Some derp at Georgia Tech accidentally flashed a picture of the field on the big screen "

Anyone have a lucky screen cap of this?

What a spoiler!

Oh wow this is dorkier than usual. Pyramids of Giza greenscreened? SMH.
On the other hand they prerecorded Dean, which actually makes what he’s saying sound really cool. Like the bit about his brother’s work and how engineering affects it.