2013 FRC Labview Registration issue

Every time I try to register my team’s copy of labview, I get an error about the product code not matching my product. I’m getting emails giving me activation codes, and I get the same error when using those to activate labview.
I’ve quadruple checked, and the serial number is the same one as on the envelope LabView came in.

Im having the same issue

Same here. I have not found a solution yet probably just call NI on Monday.

Please post any info you learn from them

I don’t have an envelope with me, so I can’t be sure where it is located, but the registration key should start with S14X. Ignore the number on the envelope and look for a nine character code that starts with S14X.

Greg McKaskle

S14X sounds familiar from last year, but our S/N this year starts with M77X

There is no code with S14X in it

The serial key is in little itty bitty print on the white and yellow card that came in the envelope, not the big blue card.


The Serial Number is S14X86763.

Thanks for the help

In the 2013 Getting Started with Control System guide, it’s S14X… On page 64. I don’t know if it works as I don’t have the DVD.

Thank you, we found the card, and it works! I just sent a base project to our SVN Repo.

Our serial begins with M77X as well. Our folder contained no little card with any other registration information…Someone goofed up a bit!

Try using the serial : S14X86763 . The M77X… doens’t seem to work, but the S14X… does.

Why is NI so confusing!?

Thank you for the correct S/N, saved me from an hour or two of headaches!

I apologize for the confusion. I’m personally not a big fan of SW licensing, and this is one of the reasons why. The standard process for manufacturing is to put a unique serial number on each package, but FRC is quite unique. By the time we received the folders, it was too late to do anything but roll with it. We are definitely redoing the packaging next year. We’ll try to make the activation less confusing.

Greg McKaskle

Actually, I think this was a good object lesson in RTFM. So much so I thought it was planned.

Now how would that work out with NI knowing Greg sits on Delphi all night answering questions? :yikes:

Not all night.

Greg McKaskle

We are still having an issue with registering using the actual serial number. The following message pops up:
Anyone have any ideas?