2013 Game Hint!

directs to this photo:

Let the fun begin.

The GDC are no strangers to love.

They know the rules, but we do not.

A third alliance on the field? The yellow alliance?

This hint has me rolling.

This has been removed. Consider this a warning.

Or the other member of the blue alliance got a yellow card for poor singing.

Rick Astley is an anagram for “Real Sticky”… take that as you will.

Another anagram is “Cry, it’s lake!” WATER GAME.

Hardcore Robotics Pick-Up Sticks.

It is also an anagram for ‘A Slick Tyre’ -> Slick -> Wet -> Water Game!

(Sorry, I had to)

That made me smile more than the hint, but I am more interested in that it is on a cork board. Though the scouter in me would love the chance to scout a 3v3v3 game (Red, Blue, and Yellow)

Don’t say that it makes me think of lunacy which is not well thought of on my team

Not appropriate. Consider this a warning.

It seems they included the metal bar/edge of the board as well. The metal bar kind of resembles a pole. Could this be a symbol that mini-bots are returning?

3v3v3 does sound interesting. Anyone have ideas as to how that would work for QFs through Finals? A possible change to the 8 alliance system?

“I Lack Tyres”.

Frank was reading this discussion. He is now rolling on the floor laughing at us, saying “next time I’ll send them pictures of Rorschach inkblot tests, that would be hilarious”.

TinEye gives back zero hits.

Dang, been “Rick rolled” again!

“Never Gonna Give You Up”

One other thing too. Andymark just released a new wheel they will be rolling into their warehouse on their Facebook page.

Quoted from Facebook Page:
“We have a new wheel rolling into our warehouse four you!”

Picture of wheel:

This could easily have nothing to do with next year’s game but still.

I’m also seeing the word “roll” a lot as well.:smiley:

Looks like the Lunacy wheel material.

Without increasing the size of the field (which would potentially have major venue problems for established regionals), I don’t think we’ll ever see 3v3v3 - the field can already get cramped (at times) with only 6 robots!

that said, 2v2v2 is possible. You could even fit 4 stations on one side of the field, and two on the other - in other words, there would be minimal need to change the field design/layout, which would help reduce costs.

I could see that leading to an interesting strategy game… Coopertition points for all 3 alliances if at least two alliances do X together, but if 2 alliances do it, it gives the third alliance an advantage in scoring. That could create an interesting dynamic between trying to score a lot of points and needing to get coopertition points for seeing placement (if seeding went with the same win/loss/coopertition structure as this year). Would we see a situation where the three alliances agree to coopertate ONLY if all 3 participate equally, given the scoring advantage to no one?