2013 Game Rumors + Kitbot Implications

With less than three months until kickoff, I’m getting angsty for a little bit of rumor milling.
To start off, today’s KOP announcement contained some useful information about what this years game might (not) look like.
-Given the inclusion of HiGrip wheels we know that there will not be standardized wheels and will likely be a carpeted playing surface.
-The six wheel drive configuration of the kitbot leads me to think that the field will not be divided by a major obstruction that is impossible to cross with a six inch six wheel drive. This relies on the assumption that the belt drivetrain would make it impossible to have a four wheel drive long configuration. Some teams might see this as a reason to develop a powerful custom drivetrain with the same ground clearance and climbing ability as a six inch six wheel drive between now and December.
-On the contrary, this also encourages veteran teams to develope custom drivetrain that may be specific to the field. This could be because of an optional obstruction where a custom drivetrain could be a major advantage. (For example: bridge vs. bump)
These are all based on my young and limited knowledge if FRC. I’m very curious as to what others are thinking about this.

As for the game in general, I have been toying with an ideas about games related to human activities, given:
-This years FLL theme and the effort to achieve more unity in FIRST programs.
-The rumored emphasis on the Kinect this year
-Last years basketball theme is likely to be followed up by a more obscure and creative game.

Possible games in this theme:
-A search and rescue game where robots must move obstacles to retrieve “trapped” timepieces
-a medical game with “virus” gamepieces. (Probably a bit of a stretch)

Haha, I applaud your efforts to read into the actions of the GDC, but I feel like trying to do so is like shooting at a target, in the dark, at a mile away, with a sawed off shotgun.

The six wheel drive base has been an option for while. All changes to the kit seem logical in nature. They’re promoting a level of efficiency and while I can’t say for sure, they don’t appear to be promoting a game specific agenda.

As far your recommendations, I totally understand what you are getting at, but remember that FRC games have to put on a show, and they lack ‘themes’ that you might see in FLL or BEST. I think it’ll just be a random game that no one’s really expecting.

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LOL keep that creative mind flowing, if your new to FRC try looking at pervious games that have already been done, you will notice that their is a trend, FRC tends to combine pervious games to make new one and much more exciting like this year game, i have a feeling that it might be a stacking game this coming year since the last one was Triple play in 2005, the same year it went from 2 team alliance to 3 team alliance, but it would be nice to see a stacking game

In response to the 6-wheel drive base, from the blog about kitbot:

The KOP Drive System has been designed to be set up as either a six wheel drive “long” robot, or a four wheel drive “wide” robot.

All in all, I don’t think the general structure of this year’s game will be massively different than the past. 6 robots, 2 alliances, 1 27x54 foot playing field, etc…

Yeah, I guess I might have been a little too excited about this. I guess all I was really saying is that there won’t be anything that requires major drivetrain changes like in 2009 or 2010. I thought it was relevant because it might provide a little bit of security to teams that want to spend time between now and kickoff working on a custom drivetrain.

custom drivetrain is a great idea if you have the resources to do it, it can save on weight and space, and if it what your team want to do then go for it, alot of teams do custom chassis every year, you just gotta adapt that chassis to the year game

From what I’ve gathered, the even years (2006, 2010, 2012) tend to be focused towards something sport-y, and the odd years tend to be something more original and weird. They also tend to combine elements from several other previous games. With that said, my guess would be a stacking game similar to Triple Play (2005) with a return of the minibot in some capacity.

I don’t particularly think we can take much from the KoP changes though.

How do you know that wheels aren’t standardized to HiGrip wheels, and the surface is carpet instead of something that simulates Mars gravity?


The 2013 game will be played on MArs terrain with craters that the HIgrip wheels can traverse the open field and the field pieces possible mite be either stacking like triple play tetras or bins stacking or log shaped pieces to build a unlucky ladder for the oddity of it beeing 2013

You won’t determine much if anything from the announcement of the kitbot. Take the last two years as an example.

2011: KOP chassis, CIMpleboxes, 6wd 8in FIRST wheels. The game involved tubes and minibots and on completely flat field.

2012: KOP chassis, CIMplesboxes, 6wd 6in HIgrip wheels. The game involved shooting basket balls, balancing on bridges, and crossing a barrier.

The only difference between the two chassis was the wheel size and type. The change in wheel type was probably just the development of a better wheel over a plain rubber wheel. A good move in time when treaded wheels are the norm. The difference in wheel size isn’t relevant to the years aside from HIgrip wheels only being made in the 6in size.

The only game where the chassis would be news was 2009 when the wheels were plastic to simulate the moons gravity.

tl/dr This announcement reveals nothing about the game.

I don’t think we’ll see tetras again, at least not in there 2005 version. They were about nine pounds each and posed some serious safety issues when they were accidentally dropped over player stations or on human players. Ever since 2005 FIRST has used balls or light weight objects like inflatables.

That said, 2005 was one of my all time favorite games. The strategy required when deciding where to place tetras late in the match hasn’t been matched by any game since. It was truly a nail biter at the end of most matches knowing that the last tetra placed could completely swing the match.

Although, an inflatable tetra would be interesting… :cool:

Hey David its Glenn. I think youre puttin the cart before the horse. We should build the chassis and drivetrain to fit the game. However, if we start design now, possibly prototyping, then when we get the specifications of this years game, we will be ahead of the game.

Hmmmm…What is one advantage of aluminum pulleys and belts over sprockets and chain drives? They don’t rust! Water game anyone?

IIRC 2008 Trackballs were 10lbs a piece. Granted, there were no human players that year (robocoaches instead) but I do recall bystanders getting git by them every so often during gameplay.

IMHO the soccer balls in 2010 were more dangerous… they are lighter but also can be kicked pretty hard and unlike foam balls, they do not give when they hit. Just ask anybody who has been the wrong end of a drill kick in a soccer game (I’ve been twice).

Dean Kamen

Tell that to our payload specialists that played around the crater atop regolith receiving empty cells from the outpost through the fueling port, all while taking direction from a commander normally occupied with his pilots. :wink:

If you’re not excited, you’re not creative.
Stay both. <-- bad grammar?

I didnt even play in 2005, yet that is my favorite game as well.

Something to do with the Mars Curiosity landing would be interesting. Would fit with the non sport theme. Stacking game? Ugh, that will be… fun…

I really love the mars idea. Especially if it somehow involves sky cranes and high powered lasers :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, a mars game would be great because it could retain some of the relatability of the sports games. Most people understand the concept of the mars rovers and therefore would have an easy time accepting a rover related competition. It would be a great conversation starter.

Also, the ftc animation is already laying down a bit of a Mars theme :slight_smile:

Ouch! That was a complete accident thankfully, Dean was not injured!