2013 IRI Charity Auction and Quilt

**We will be hosting the Charity Auction once again at the IRI. **

Please bring special items that are specialties, team and/or FIRST related that you think others might be interested in bidding on. Past items have included everything from classic team t-shirts, team-themed gift bags, stained glass logos, custom made guitars and race tickets. You can send the items in advance, or bring them to the event.

We will also be having a t-shirt quilt made that will be included in the auction. If you want your team shirt considered for the auction, please send it to the address below.

100% of proceeds go to local charities in Indianapolis (home of teams 234 and 1024) and Kokomo (home of team 45).

For 2013, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Riley Hospital for Children to help support their great programs. This post will be updated with the other charity info when it is available.

Also remember part of the entry fee is a filled backpack for a 2nd grader. Bring those along!

Send t-shirts or charity auction items to:

Chris Fultz
363 Bennington Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

We can use a few more t-shirts!

Please send some colorful and unique shirts to us this week!

The IRI quilt is always a big selling item in the charity auction but we need your help!

FRC 11’s team shirt will be in the mail tomorrow!

A hot pink Team 696 shirt will go in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully a 2012 shirt is okay.

Does the team have to be participating in IRI this year? or can they have gone previous years?

You guys should really find a way to do an online auction component too! I know a lot of people, including me, who would do a lot of bidding.

1538’s shirts will be in the mail today. I will also post some information on the item for the silent auction later today.

Spectrum shirt went out today.

thanks for the shirts - as long as we have them by Saturday they should make it!

we don’t have a good way to do online bidding. find someone who is there and have them bid for you!

1676’s shirt was put in the mail today - crossing my fingers it will get there by Saturday!

I’ll PM soon about what we’re donating to the charity auction.

Team 3476, Code Orange, from Dana Point, Orange County, California has sent in our very orange T-shirt for the charity auction quilt.
The graphic image on the T-shirt is our robotic mascot standing with his surf board. We name our competition robots after famous surfing locations. Last year was “Pipeline”. This year it is “Mavericks”. :cool: