2013 IRI Dates - Indiana Robotics Invitational

Anyone know how to apply for IRI? I cant find an application on Andy Mark or anywhere else for that matter.


I’m sure that will go over well, actually. But what happens if my team doesn’t make it? :o

Priorities! Robots or Camping? LOL

Well, seeing as how the $1,300 registration was already paid, I think I’m going to choose jambo. Just saying :confused:

$1300 for a campsite? Makes IRI seem like a bargain!

Well, it’s much more than that. It’s basically the BSA’s version of the Championship, but 10 days long.

I think we need a 10 day robotics tournament would be soooo awesome

Three is enough to kick my butt.

For those of us whose teams’ IRI chances are [strike]thin[/strike] [strike]microscopic[/strike] [strike]astronomically small[/strike] [strike]non-existent[/strike] unlikely, when and where should we start sending in volunteer emails?

I would go to Jambo over IRI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jambo is much LOUDER and a cooler trip. Gahh, I wish I was going.

Hopefully we can make it into IRI!

My mind and sanity would not be able to handle 10 days of scouting and match strategy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sooooo excited! It’s my first jambo (I’m going as an assistant scoutmaster). Plus, it’s right here in my “back yard” in West Virginia, just a little over an hour away! It sounds like it is going to be a great event.

Perhaps the FIRSTers going to Jamboree should check out the NEW STEM merit badges that will be introduced there, and earn them !!!

Does anyone know what time and how the list of attendees will be announced?

Last year, the invitation list was posted as a new thread to CD a little after 10:00 PM, but the IRI planning committee may post it sooner (or even later - they said they hoped to release the invite list today).

You can also be assured the list will appear on www.indianaroboticsinvitational.org.

Does anyone think we can get John Green to come to IRI this year? He lives in Indiana and seems like he would support FIRST.

I wish I could go! But I will take a trip to IRI! :slight_smile:

Where is the volunteer website? I’ve looked all over for it.


Dean Kamen will be there as well! I need to figure out what date(s) so I can track him down. If anybody knows what date(s) he will be in WV for the jamboree, could you please post on here?

so… how about scouting…
How exactly is scouting handled at IRI, considering the limited space and amount of people? I know that teams generally collaborate, but how/when is that organized?