2013 IRI Facility Layout / Pit and Field Map


Here is a link to the layout for this year’s IRI.

See ya soon,
Andy B.

Thanks for posting the map!

So, I was very confused as to why some teams were missing from the main pit area until I saw the pits near the field.

I see the 4 returning winners and the 3 host teams, but I’m curious how the other teams in the close pits were determined?

I believe that they are the host teams.

45, 234, and 1024 are host teams.

245, 1114, 2826, and 4334 won IRI last year.

I believe he’s asking about 51, 111, and 461.

51 as a thank you for Chief Delphi and our use of it for communications.
111 for Dan Green, Announcer / MC for many years.
461 for a major level of support at the event with tarps, setup, etc.

Will we still be able to visit the close pits or are those all in a non-pedestrian zone?

Those pits are open to visitors, but this area does get congested with teams queuing.

Andy B.