2013 IRI Final Team Listing

Below is the final team list for the 2013 IRI.
We have 69 teams competing in what looks to be an incredibly strong field.

1 11 MORT
2 16 Bomb Squad
3 20 The Rocketeers
4 27 Team RUSH
5 33 Killer Bees
6 45 TechnoKats Robotics Team
7 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E.
8 51 Wings of Fire
9 67 The HOT Team
10 68 Truck Town Thunder
11 71 Team Hammond
12 111 Wildstang
13 116 Epsilon Delta
14 118 Robonauts
15 125 NUTRONS
16 148 Robotwranglers
17 195 Cyber Knights
18 217 ThunderChickens
19 234 Cyber Blue
20 245 Adambots
21 303 TEST team
22 359 Hawaiian Kids
23 447 Team Roboto
24 461 Westside Boiler Invasion
25 469 Las Guerrillas
26 624 CRyptonite
27 696 Circuit Breakers
28 829 Digital Goats
29 862 Lightning Robotics
30 868 TechHOUNDS
31 967 Iron Lions
33 1024 Kil-A-Bytes
34 1114 Simbotics
35 1241 THEORY6
37 1334 Red Devils
38 1477 Texas Torque
39 1503 Spartonics
40 1538 The Holy Cows
41 1592 Bionic Tigers
42 1625 Winnovation
43 1640 Sab-BOT-age
44 1676 The Pascack PI-oneers
45 1732 Hilltoppers
46 1741 Red Alert Robotics
47 1902 Exploding Bacon
48 2056 OP Robotics
49 2175 The Fighing Calculators
50 2252 The Mavericks
51 2337 EngiNERDS
52 2338 Gear It Forward
53 2451 PWNAGE
54 2468 Team Appreciate
55 2474 Excel
56 2590 Nemesis
57 2648 Infinite Loop
58 2826 Wave Robotics
59 3467 The Windham Windup
60 3476 Code Orange
61 3539 Byting Bulldogs
62 3641 The Flying Toasters
63 3847 Spectrum
64 3928 Team Neutrino
65 3947 The Last Crusaders
66 4039 MakeShift Robotics
67 4265 Wildbots
68 4334 Alberta Tech Alliance (ATA)
69 4814 United Robotics of London

Great field of competitors! And the tentative match schedule now? :smiley:


The problem with releasing a tentative Match Schedule now is that if any team decides to not come or an extra team finds a way to come, the whole schedule will change. Then the teams who thought they had a favorable (easy) schedule will be disappointed. What if a team has as very tough schedule and they decide it is not worth coming to be pounded for 2 days.

It is a lot less hastle for Chris Fultz and the hosts to wait until they see which teams actually arrive before generting the magic “random” Match Schedule that we all have to live by.

This is why casinos don’t post what numbers will be coming up in the future on the roulette table before the customers bet. You come to the table, place your bet, then you see the numbers.

I am happy to come to IRI and then see the numbers.

A tentative match schedule would be sweet!

Can IRI commit to a Schedule of 9 matches per team at this time?
That would be 104 matches on the Schedule for 69 teams with 3 teams playing 1 match each that would not count.

A preliminary schedule would be awesome, I hope the practice becomes standard.

If MSC can give 64 teams a dozen matches why can’t IRI do at least 10 for 69?



I concur.

Doesn’t MSC also have qual matches starting Thursday afternoon? As much as I bet everyone would love a dozen matches, IRI has just Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

If any team doesn’t want to attend an event just because they have a disadvantageous match schedule, then that is a little sad. I don’t think any teams attending IRI are like this. No match is a guaranteed win or loss.

And yes, if fewer/additional teams come, the schedule may change, but that is why it would be ‘tentative’ now, isn’t it :wink:

The tentative schedules at Champs were great, it would be just as nice to have them for IRI.

If a team bows out after seeing a “hard” schedule, then they are missinig the amazing matches they could have. If you told me I would get to play with and/or against 1114, 111, 148, 624, 469, 33, etc… I would be bouncing off the wall excited to see how I really stacked up against the best. Plus, those more “unknown” teams that feel they might want to bow out because of a tougher schedule could end up doing well and having a 2056-esque IRI awakening and become that new superstar team.

I had a chance to sit right next to Frank at the Suppliers Summit a couple weeks ago, discussing the release of the CMP Tentative Match schedule.
He also asked us about it briefly when I was with Karthik the night before.
Having that disclaimer that things could change is well worth the effort to announce it early, allowing teams to pre-scout.
I came away from that discussion that it will tentatively continue in 2014. I hope other future regionals and events like IRI do the same.

If a team is afraid of getting pounded from a tough match schedule at IRI, you are definitely at the wrong event. Its about having fun first!:]

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you need the FMS to generate the schedule?

Yep, but you can generate them in advance. We (as in the team that co hosted with us) used FMS Delta last year to make 2-3 match schedules depending on the # of teams that showed up. You don’t need the full FMS up and running to do so.

But I’m unsure if you can manually enter the match schedule or import that list into FMS afterwards…


we can generate the schedule in advance and are experimenting with options for cycle times to see how many matches we can get for teams.

match times are roughly 8 hours on Saturday and 3+ on Saturday so it is tight.

and we “might” post a match schedule early :slight_smile:

Though having an early match schedule is exciting, I may suggest considering the FF auctions happening this weekend. An early release could completely change strategies during the auction and ruin lists for players who will not be there.

I really don’t think the IRI planners need to concern themselves about people not getting the best picks in a FF draft…

-IRI FF draft participant

I will gladly finish last in the FF for a chance to have early match schedules.