2013 IRI Standings Updates

Live match results and close-to-live rankings are being posted in an IndianaFIRST Google Doc, as separate sheets.

On behalf of everyone watching at home: thank you so much!

+1 From everyone stuck at work, unable to access youtube. Thank you so much!

Same from people who do get to watch!

Does anyone have results for Match 7 (with 1310)? Missed it :frowning: Thanks!

Ditto. I would like this aswell

The rankings as of match 12.

Just found out dropbox is blocked at my work too. Thanks though! I’ll look at this when i get home.

Thank you!

Anywhere I can find match results?

I’m trying to keep my spreadsheet updated with results… It can be found here.

Added Rankings as well. Click here for the folder with all the documents.

Could you upload them directly to google drive as well for those who can’t get onto dropbox?




Some of us at work have enforced firewalls. Can the standings be posted as a file on CD?

Thanks ! !

I also posted standings here.

Anyone have an updated standings?

A new standings sheet (as of match 18).

A match score list that I’m updating.

Colin I suggest you just edit the first post each time, so it’s right in-front of everyone when they enter the thread.

Any update on standings?

New standings sheet posted as of match 29.