2013 IRI Teams Word Search Puzzle

Its that time again! - See if you can find the names of all 69 teams coming to the 2013 Indiana Robotics Invitational in this word search puzzle:

2013 IRI Teams Word Search.doc (53.5 KB)

2013 IRI Teams Word Search.doc (53.5 KB)

Besides the listed teams, there are 25 Easter eggs; several of them are of the “good” variety. :slight_smile:

Is there a spelling error? I found Red Devels, but not Red Devils.

Yes, good catch Gary. On the IRI Team List, they are the “Red Devels”, yet other web references to Team 1334 have them as the “Red Devils”. So to maintain the confusion, I split the difference. :slight_smile:

It’s Red Devils. I did ask that it be corrected and the original list was but the error still persists in other places.

I know what I’m going to be doing on my lunch break (and the rest of the weekend). :slight_smile:

These puzzles are always so much fun. Time to sharpen my colored pencils!

Thank you, John, for always making this such a fun part of the IRI traditions.

Best wishes to all of the 2013 IRI competitors, volunteers, and guests.