2013 Kettering District Event

Looks like the Kettering district event will be upon us in three days! Two if you count Thursday night. I’d like to start some discussion on what to expect at this high-powered Week 1 competition. Looks like 862 has posted an image of their robot and 68 has posted some video footage. I wonder if there are any more pieces of pre-event intelligence available…

Anyway, Team 3322 can’t wait to compete at Kettering!

1504 is excited to get the season started…,.Penguins Rock…

The EngiNERDs have a facebook event page up that you can join and invite your team, friends, and family to.

Should be really exciting! Weird that this is my first event as an alumnus. Doesn’t feel like it’s been four years.

Some members of 33 will be there as spectators! Looking forward to a fun weekend!

MO can’t wait to get it started! This should be an interesting weekend.

I hopefully will be there after school on Friday and all day Saturday I cant seems like some good competition and ready to get it started! Go 68 and the captains but we wont be competing

The Foley Freeze is super excited to make our return to Kettering for the first time since 2010!

Here’s to hoping it runs smoothly and we don’t have the typical “Week 1” problems of years past.

I’ll be there all weekend and some more Crevos will come on by on Saturday to see what Michigan has in store. We will be the guys and girls in the stands watching the Traverse City (Go TC!) webcast in between matches :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad we will be at traverse city…but I’m glad to be able to see 201, 217, and 1918.

Does anyone know if there will be a webcast for Kettering. Or team will be there competing and the school would like to run the video feed on all the tvs in our commons area for the rest of the students to see.

Code Red is planning on it.

is the link from their website, but the page is not found at the moment.

I’m going to miss not playing week 1, FIM said Waterford was our home event…

It’d be cool if somewhere in the pits, they could play the Traverse City District… Everyone loves more robotics!

This will be my first district event, and I am super excited!

Good luck to all teams attending!

A few mentors and students from 573 will be in attendance in the stands watching. Good luck!

It doesn’t look like the webcast is streaming properly or at all; does anyone have any update on this? Code Red says FIM opted for sponsoring the webcast, but I can’t find any sort of link.

I second this notion. I can’t find Kettering anywhere on any of the these sites: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=114464

What gives?


Heres what you are looking for.

Not 100% what we’re looking for.

Are there no live streams coming out of this regional?

any thoughts about today and how far behind schedule we got?

In my experience, the Kettering competition tends to get behind in schedule because of the unforeseen field issues of week one competitions. They got the matches flowing pretty fast toward the end so hopefully that will continue into tomorrow!