2013 Kettering District Event

I’m going to take it that there just aren’t any live streams for this event and assume my role of being sad.

their was sadly no live steam of the event, a lot of my teachers were disappointed, they were going to show it to all there classes to try and get them to join our team, I heard that they posted most of the matches on youtube tho

All matches were uploaded to youtube to my knowledge. Lets just say we watched those videos more than once.

Every match goes on youtube in the few minutes after it’s played on the field. They’re uploaded at a significantly higher quality than any webcast. As someone who scouted from home today, I appreciated being able to pause, rewind, and, you know, actually see what’s going on.

There’s just something about being able to watch and react with others in real time.

But thank you to whomever is uploading the videos so quickly anyway. We’ll live!

So, the powers that be could not leave well enough alone. Now there are no up-loads and no info on the first site. I hope FIM doesn’t elect to do states. found them - http://www.youtube.com/user/FIRSTinMichigan/videos?view=0 Now i just need to find the match scores/results.

Good luck to finalists!
FRC Team 2115

Anyone know if the award winners have been posted somewhere? I couldn’t find them on the FiM site.

They’re up on FIRST’s site–the usual place for up-to-date awards info.

Here are the Results/Awards/Etc.

Aside from some minor field delays early on this was a very smooth and well run event. Lightning Robotics had an awesome time.

Thank you to team 70 More Martians for selecting us for eliminations! You guys were awesome! Foley Freeze, I couldn’t believe that you were still available to join our alliance, you guys were a great addition to our alliance.

The Kettering District has been an event of firsts for 862, our first semifinals appearance in 2009, our first finals appearance in 2012 and now our first event win!

Thanks to all the teams and volunteers for making this event a success, and Congratulations to Truck Town Thunder on their District Chairman’s Award!