2013 Livonia District

Wow, what a great weekend and what a fun event to participate in and watch. There where a lot of great teams out there and the finals where a blast to watch.

I would like to thank Team 3641, The Flying Toasters for selecting us for the eliminations. You guys had a great robot and where a blast to work with and we would not have won without you. Also would like to thank you guys for having that spare wheel and sprocket ready after one of our drive wheels snapped following the last semi final match. With that we had the wheel changed out in under 5 min and did not have to miss a beat during the eliminations. Team 240, TEMPEST, you guys played some great defense and had great driving and happy we could help you win your first Banner. Glad to have you guys on our alliance and wish you luck at Bedford and hope you get enough points to qualify for states.

Teams 27, 1189 and 2620, you guys where a great alliance and really made the finals a nail biter. I am glad we did not have to complete against you until the end because I did not think we could keep up with your high scoring robots. I am excited to compete against you guys at states and wish you all the best of luck.

We certainly couldn’t have done it without you guys, either! Your robot rocked that field and complemented ours very well — a perfect match. 240 played some phenomenal defense as well. :slight_smile:
I have to say, I was definitely impressed by the Hackbots’ enthusiasm in the stands, too! There were several occasions when one of your members came running up the bleachers to encourage our more hesitant teammates to cheer. :stuck_out_tongue: (Some of us nearly lost our voices screaming, hehe…) The purple dragon mascot is just plain awesome.

We would also like to congratulate team 503 on the Chairman’s Award victory: Frog Force is an amazing team, and we are honored to be competing with/against you at the State Championship this year.

2832, thank you for hosting another wonderful event; our team has attended Livonia ever since our rookie season in 2011, and this has always been our favorite venue.

27, 1189 & 2620 — what a fearsome trio! Those were some very close matches, and your robots were all fantastic. You definitely presented a challenging Finals competition.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of you at the State Championship, and wish you all good luck!

Thanks 3414 and 3641 you guys were a great alliance! You built great robots and played really well!

I’m pumped for the next district, WOO!

Thank you, Toasters and Hackbots, for this wonderful opportunity. We worked so well together! People in our stands said it looked like we had all been practicing with one another. Congratulations guys, we did well. I know our team lost our voices that day! Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Thank you Hackbots and toasters, good luck at states!