2013 MAR Championship

Will edit when the full list of teams appear but top names not attending:

2016(Buckeye Chairmans)

This years event is at Lehigh University

Good Luck to all teams as our team will not be able to attend

With 41 teams registered, this list is still accurate. I know … did I really need to post that?

*Analysis of 2013 MAR CMP Qual Schedule.

Table1: For each team, list all the teams that team plays with

Table2: For each team, list all the teams that team plays against

MAR Qual Schedule Analysis.xls (44 KB)

MAR Qual Schedule Analysis.xls (44 KB)

*MAR OPR & CCWM thru Qual Match 89

MAR OPR&CCWM thru Qual Match 89.xls (17.5 KB)

MAR OPR&CCWM thru Qual Match 89.xls (17.5 KB)

So other than the event winners, RCA, EI, and RAS, who were the other teams that qualified for CMP?

The teams as I remember were:303,193,293,222,and 225. There was one other team I believe and these are in no particular order.

In order (unofficially), they are:


Any video of elims?

1676 is uploading them.

SO …

What did everyone think of the MAR Championships this year? How did you like the venue? What was your favorite moment?

As controller for team 225, I can say that my favorite match was match 97 where we were allied with Metal Moose (1391). Our robot started to tilt, and balanced on a 30 degree angle on our right set of wheels and our bumpers. With 11 seconds left in the match, Moose uprighted us, and we both managed a hang. A big thank you to 1391!


Ether, can you explain how the teams are ordered?

They have finished uploading, and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPUJJPXRAlET5xnnaPZnDHMPIGiPdj0jp!

Congratulations to the winning Alliance 0f 2729, 2590, and 1640. What an awesome group of robots.

And another congrats to the Finalists 222, 11, and 1403. I really wish that darn rivet hadn’t shorted out your robot so that we could have seen the full strength of your alliance. Amazing job by 1370 coming in at the last minute, almost pulling off the win.

As for the venue, I thought it was fine. Kind of remote, but it worked. Much cheaper than Philly!

That was really exciting. A favorite of mine as well. Other exciting portions…?

75’s fall from the pyramid was scary, but it was awesome to see the standing ovation they got when they were right back out on the field in time for their next match.

As for my own team, 3974, even though we had some major mechanical issues with our shooter, we were able to get them fixed and team up with 2729 and 1218 for a qualification match-best 187 points. It was hilarious to see the look on my human loader’s face when we drove back for another load of discs and he was completely out - they were all in the goal!

One of the funniest moments was 433’s makeshift net falling apart on-field as they tried to defend 225’s FCS. Every shot they blocked, another piece would fall off. However, they ended up winning by 1 point, which goes to show you that every little bit of effort you put into working on your robot counts!

The finals were AWESOME! 1640 was the strongest last-overall pick I can ever remember seeing. Scores up in the 190-point range were not surprising as 2590, 2729, and 1640 were the class of the field at the MAR districts I attended. Congrats also to 222, 11, and 1403. When alliances were picked, I immediately knew you three would be putting up a huge fight.

Congratulations to MORT Beta, 193, for putting together an incredible weekend so early in their existence. Your mentors are amazing - one of my favorite teams in MAR - but it must put sneaky little smiles on your faces to be able to rank above them.


Complaints about the venue? Not too many. Seating was ample (even off to the sides), pit area was fairly spacious. Quality of the speaker system was GREAT! We could hear every announcement perfectly. Our hotel nearby, that we shared with 316 and 869, was very nice. My only complaint was that the arena needs more food service areas and better quality food. I went off campus both days for lunch because of the lines, prices, and lack of variety. (And unlike Temple, this was a pain in the butt because there are no places that are walkable.)

Finally, most importantly, I’d like to give some respect to the Chairman’s winners… 433 and 1218. These two teams have helped us tremendously over the past two years. 433 allowed us in their shop to build a robot when we were pre-rookies and bent the rules to allow our two male team members to drive at their GirlPOWER event. (Our team was only 2 weeks old and we only had two members!) We’re worked with them during their outreach events (and vice versa). I’m sure the reason that they won, however, is that I make an appearance in their Chairman’s video.

As for 1218, they literally GAVE us a robot at our first offseason event (the above-named GirlPOWER) when ours wouldn’t sync with the field. They shared their pyramid this year and let us practice since our shop wasn’t big enough to build one.

I can’t think of two more deserving Chairman’s teams than 433 and 1218! I hope you can bring home a big win in St. Louis!

(Geez, you can tell you’ve spent too much time at FRC competitions when Cupid Shuffle and Cotton-Eyed Joe are stuck in your head all Sunday!)

Thanks, Robotmmm. We felt really weird and conflicted about the whole situation. Being the first backup team, our role was to sit in the stands, cheer for the other teams, and hope like heck someone’s robot broke :yikes: It just didn’t strike us as really GP :wink:

Seriously, though, we got the official notice with about 84 seconds left on the clock. The pit & drive team did a bumper color change, robot boot-up, driver’s station boot-up (longer), and dash to the field to get the robot on the carpet and in position with about 15 seconds or so remaining of the time-out. I was impressed.

Wow MAR champs was fun! The venue was great! Overall it was a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to all the volunteers that made the event run smoothly!

Thanks to our alliance partners 11, 1403 & 1370. 11 and 1403 were top of our pick lists and 1370 wasn’t far behind 1403 on our list. 11 and 1403 are some of the easiest teams to work with because they get it both teams are versatile and work well in any situation. We had a qualification match together and our alliance worked extremely well. We were just holding our breath that nobody we steal these two before we could invite them to our alliance. When we saw 1370 was the back up bot that would join our alliance in our place, we were excited. We knew they were a consistent machine and were very surprised not to see them on an eliminations alliance. We were extremely proud of what our alliance accomplished!

What can I say about 2729, 2590 and 1640. They were an awesome alliance and 1640 should not have been around for them to grab. 1640 was a huge part of that alliance going completely unnoticed by defenders and running 5 cycles or so a match. 2729 was an awesome machine and alliance captain. I was very glad to see them be so successful this year! 2590 we knew how much of a threat your machine was from playing against you in the quarters at Hatboro.

Also congrats to 1218 and 433 on their Chairman’s awards!

We can’t wait to see everyone in St. Louis. We hope to be a powerful representative of the MAR district

FWIW Those who haven’t heard our machine suffered in the finals from a shorted digital sidecar. The short was caused by a sheared off aluminum mandrel from a rivet. We are very careful about keeping chips out of our electronics, but this piece did not come from our machine. We use steel mandrel rivets. I’m not trying to blame anyone, but just asking that other teams try to watch their shavings and bits as they can also find their way into other robots.

I’ll be honest–I was not a big fan of the venue. It felt too much like an offseason or a district event. It didn’t have the big arena regional feel to it. Also, the situation with the seating upstairs was kind of undesirable as it was a bit of a roundabout way to get from those seats down to the field/pit.

I kinda agree(especially about the upstairs seating-but most of the venue wasn’t that type of seeting), but also, it definitely didn’t feel like a district. Obviously, it didn’t have the arena regional feel that Temple or Sun National Bank Center in Trenton had, but it definitely felt bigger than a district. The way I looked at it was that it was similar to Rutgers last year-only everything bad about Rutgers was better.

Also, food selection could have been more varied/cheaper. I’m not a vegetarian/healthy eater, but if I was, I know I would have had a hard time-a grilled cheese seemed to be the healthiest thing(and I’m not normally one to order grilled cheese when I’m eating out…but d*mn…that was a REALLY good grilled cheese).

But, overall, I loved the event. For the first time, I felt like it was incredibly easy/realistic to watch EVERY match; either the close walk from the pits to the stands(as well as space on the side of the arena, near the bottoms of staircases to stand), or the projector that could be viewed from nearly every pit(although it was an inverted view).

I have to really thank the volunteers for the work they did to organize and pull off this event at a new arena. It’s no easy task to plan and quickly morph a gym into a FRC arena. It’s able to happen because we have world class volunteers here in MAR!

Throughout the tournament, we were trying to figure out how to make a completely offensive alliance and were so lucky to have been able to draft 2590 and 1640 (surprising to still be around). Both teams are class acts and I really hope for the best as they move on to compete in STL.

11, 222, and 1403, what a run you gave us. The strategy and play you all threw at us during the finals was tremendous. There was no safe place to shoot, no path without a bump, and you all were scoring like crazy. Then 1370 enters the mix and that same play didn’t change. They are a great offensive robot that served the alliance well.

Congrats to 433 and 1218 on the Chairmans this year. You both are tremendously strong teams and will be awesome in STL. 1218, my students and mentors loved chilling with you all in the Chairman’s display area. Good times!!

This was a big tournament for our team and 2729 is grateful to have been able to share the experience with everyone at the competition. If there’s ever anything anyone needs, please let us know.

Thanks all and best of luck to everyone at the FIRST Championship!