2013 MAR Standings

Since I haven’t seen anyone else start a thread about it, here is what I’ve calculated as the MAR standings as of week 2 (ie - one event)…

As always, all questions and/or comments are welcome

2013 MAR CMP Rankings - Wk 2.pdf (274 KB)

2013 MAR CMP Rankings - Wk 2.pdf (274 KB)

Week 3 was exciting in the MAR events. Attached is the week 3 update for the current point standings.

NOTE: usfirst.org has team 293 listed as winning the Spirit Award at TCNJ. It was actually team 203. This is corrected in the standings list.

Your list has some serious issues with the SCH event. You only put in points for qualification matches. The data for draft, elimination, and awards is all missing. For example, 341 earned 70 points at SCH, not 20.

Your list has some serious issues with the SCH event. You only put in points for qualification matches. The data for draft, elimination, and awards is all missing. For example, 341 earned 70 points at SCH, not 20.

Yep, the list was missing selection results for Springside. But, let’s face it, nobody important was there … :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed it and added a few more tweaks.

2013 MAR CMP Rankings - Wk 3.1.pdf (310 KB)

2013 MAR CMP Rankings - Wk 3.1.pdf (310 KB)

Awesome, thanks. But I have another question. Under team 709 you have zero points and zero events. However, both Spyder and TBA say that they competed at SCH. TBA says they went 5-7; but, Spyder says that they went 0-1. I am guessing that they got red-carded during their first match, can anyone who was at SCH confirm?

EDIT: Sorry to be so nit-picky about this, but it seems like you gave the District EI award winners an auto-bid to MAR Champs. I was under the impression that only the District CA winners received this auto-bid. The EI winners are invited to compete for the MAR EI award, but their robot doesn’t auto-qualify to compete. The MAR supplemental rules http://www.midatlanticrobotics.com/2013-supplemental-rules/ make no mention of the EI award under the “Qualifying and Registering to Compete at the Region Championship” section. Although, this document is not the most reliable, as it refers to there being 50 spots for championship and 60 spots for championship in the same paragraph.

709 didn’t have the best of weekends. They had robot issues and did not get a working robot / inspected robot until their last match of the day. They played but lost. The FIRST site has them DQ’ed for all the matches except for that one.

Had they been inspected and on the field, they would have been 5-7. (Or better since they would have contributed points to their alliance!!)

They got a standing ovation when they did appear. It takes a lot of desire to hang in there working on a robot right up to the last second.

Basically, I’m using the usfirst.org results page to get the recorded, which is listed as 0-1-0. The event count is currently done by counting the number of non-zero columns for a given team. I humble voice had assumed that nobody would score zero points at an event. :frowning: I’ll have to fix that somehow. Of course, it doesn’t really change their current position, just how far up they can climb.

It’s not nit-picky. It’s getting things right or understanding why they are set up they way they are. There’s not a problem in the world with it.

The MAR documents are … confusing … to me, to say the least. Chairman’s gives an auto-bid, so it gets no MAR points. EI gets no points, either. Last year, EI winners got to compete IIRC. If they don’t get to auto-bid, shouldn’t they be getting points? Currently, I’ve got it set to auto-bid the team. That way, the worst-case that I see is that some teams will be invited that I listed as no-gos, which is a good thing (we all know it will happen, too).

After all, in some form, the EI teams will be there. They just may not be on the field.

As for the 50 vs 60, that’ll get ironed out after next week’s events (according to the document :wink: )

Thank you for understanding. Also, it seems like I misread the paragraph, thanks for the correction.

Here’s the MAR Event Schedule and Rankings as we’ve compiled them.

I previously published the MAR Event Schedule, but unintentionally made it private a few weeks ago.

Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqCax1FanfCIdEV5S1ZzVlR6MU9Md1hSRi1GSmNHZkE&usp=sharing

Rankings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqCax1FanfCIdDNoMWw1empFTUExNGZPaklvRG1vR0E&usp=sharing

No problem. If we’re all not tired and sick from TCNJ, we weren’t having enough fun!

Even though I’ve said it before, I will repeat: The robot that you guys put together absolutely ROCKS!

Has MAR officially stated how many teams will attend the MAR Championship? All I’ve seen is “at least 50.”

Last year we had 53 teams attend (out of 99). MAR had to move down to the 64th ranked team to get that many, as 10 teams declined starting with the 37th ranked team. 103 was the only high profile/highly ranked team to skip the event.

We might have to go further down the list this year - Lehigh isn’t as convenient for most teams, and a number of teams are prequalified for CMP (25, 103, 341). 365 seems to be skipping MAR CMP and attending Chesapeake instead.

I would be happy to see MAR CMP shrink a bit and go to a smaller/closer venue, and reduce the registration fee, but I think FIRST opposes that. Once the region gets bigger it would make sense, but it seemed like a struggle to get to 53 last year.

I agree, does anyone know more about the decision to switch venues?

If I had to guess, the main reason is money. Hosting any event in Philly is extremely expensive. Would not surprise me if Lehigh is donating the event space for next to nothing.

My memory is a little foggy, but I think it was discussed at the MAR board meeting last June. I seem to remember that Lehigh was the only viable venue available week 6/7. I think Temple was booked those weekends. No idea about cost difference between those different sites. I think the Sun Center (Trenton) was getting very expensive.

The Philly/Trenton area is probably the geographic center of MAR. Philly was a bus ride for us last year, but ~2-2.5 hours to Lehigh means it’s an overnight trip now, and I’m sure other teams are in the same boat.

I understand that FIRST wants the prestige of a big event, but $4K + lodging is a good chunk of change, especially when you’re looking at World Championships 2 weeks later.

We really just aren’t big enough to be justifying a 50-60 team regional championship. Michigan has 206 teams and 64 attend MSC. We’re at 109 teams this year, and this was an unusually big year for growth. I didn’t run numbers for PA, but NJ has had minimal growth up until this year. NJ had 56 teams in 2006 and was at 62 teams in 2012 (peaked at 64 in 2010).

If you look at it, there really isn’t much difference in size between a large district event and MAR CMP. We scraped together 53 teams last year, Bridgewater is hosting 43 teams for their district event.

I updated the sheet with week 4 results. Not official by any stretch, but good for people who want to see where they stand. Let me know if you find any errors.

Anyone with 50+ points is a near-lock for MAR CMP. I highlighted those teams in pink, and also highlighted Bridgewater teams who earned 25+ points at their first event (45 teams in total). The real cutoff is likely to be lower (possibly significantly lower), so don’t despair if you’re on the bubble.

2013 MAR Standings

Geographically, Lehigh is pretty close to the center of the MAR area. Remember that MAR extends as far west as Harrisburg. In terms of population centers, most of the teams are located East of Lehigh along the I-95 corridor, though.

Attached is the week 4 update of my MAR Standings sheet. If you find any errors, please let me know.

Since there are teams who haven’t played all of their events, I have the teams sorted by their points average. I’ve got two weeks to figure out how to deal with teams (like 303) that are playing in 3 district events (only the first two count).

2013 MAR CMP Rankings - Wk 4.pdf (311 KB)

2013 MAR CMP Rankings - Wk 4.pdf (311 KB)

The geographic center of MAR is actually just outside of Ewing, NJ (this was discussed at a board meeting). That makes Philly and or Trenton ideal locations for the MAR Championship, just from a location perspective.