2013 Minnesota North Star Regional

The Minnesota North Star Regional has reached initial capacity. The team list is below;

50 teams currently registered

Teams in bold are rookies. There are 6 rookies currently registered for North Star.

2 teams from Wisconsin and 1 team from Iowa are also attending this event. We look forward to hosting them in Minnesota!

Things are a little odd this year… Last year, we had no problem signing up for two regionals (first NS as our “home regional” to make sure we got in, then Lake Superior when second event opened). This year, it all looks questionable - North Star is full, 10,000 Lakes is full, Lake Superior is down to 5 open spots, and the brand new Northern Lights is down to 12. That’s just astonishing!

Looks like it’s time for that 5th regional already…

Both Duluth regionals opened at 40 teams. Depending on how many more rookies come out of the woodwork, there may be some waitlist spots that open up. Now I just need to make sure I’m not stuck in a meeting tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

You know Jeff, before we can let you open a regional in Rochester, you need to find an LRI replacement for yourself up north!

The Minnesota regionals are filling up fast! Lake Superior is now down to 3 initial capacity spots and Northern Lights is still sitting at 12 initial capacity spots. I know tomorrow morning my mouse will be hovering over the register button for Northern Lights for team 3081.

It looks like 26(?) MN veteran teams have yet to register (taken from Mark’s map) and we are currently sitting at 154 teams in Minnesota surpassing last year’s 153 teams.

There are still 29 openings at Wisconsin if you cant get into a Minnesota regional, although I have a feeling they will go quickly.

Our former lead mentor, Mike Sundblad, moved and is now leading team 4665. I wish he was a bit faster so he could be team number 4633.

Can’t wait, but if any organizers are reading this, only having one entrance into the pits/arena/practice field is a horrible mess. I recorded 11000 steps on my pedometer on the event’s Friday.

It is rough, but it’s also pretty much the same everywhere else! At 10,000 Lakes you don’t have all the stairs North Star does, but the pits are in a separate room, through a hallway split in half for robots/humans, with only one entrance. Lake Superior/Northern Lights is similar, with the pits and arena in different rooms, and a ton of stairs to get up to the stands.

With the need to safety glasses stands at the entrance to the pits, it makes it pretty tight to fit the teams in as is - we can’t really leave any more room on the other side for a second entrance without interfering with the teams located on that side.

Think of it this way: All those steps makes up for all the sugary drinks and bad food every team scarfs down at events and the end of build season!

[quote=Jeff Pahl;1191386][/quote]

We’re coming up to join from Ames, hopefully we’ve got our stuff well enough together I can join you to help inspect.

967 joined the wait list for this event. I was sad when the event filled up to initial capacity before registration for second events opened today.

Last year 63 teams attended the event, so there is potential for 13 teams to be moved from the waitlist… Not saying that will happen, just reporting the facts of last year.

Yep, that’s the hope. Like a lot of other teams, we’ll just figure out a plan B if this one doesn’t pan out. Seems like a pretty crowded year for registration overall!

Bumping this because it’s two days away! If you have pictures, please post them.

3633 is going fullcourt.

Hey yall! If you want to watch a live webcast, head over to fightingcalculators.org to keep up with all the action!

First year in The Daredevils’ history that we aren’t competing at North Star. (or 10,000 before there was North Star) Feels quite odd not competing down there with all of the minnesota teams. Good luck to all teams competing in the cities this weekend.

What an astounding final series of matches!

More notes and things i nthe morning, but shout out to 4665, Predators, the team we mentored, for winning Rookie Inspiration! These guys are going places.

In addition, we are very proud of our Industrial Design award win. Thank you to all the judges for giving this amazing award.

The Fighting Calculators would like to thank 967 Iron Lions and 4607 Coalition of Independent students for helping us to our first regional victory in our 7 year history, we couldnt have done it without you guys. Also congrats to 2220 Blue twilight who brought home the chairman’s award

The regional was really made great by all the teams there. Everyone got where they needed to be on time (in fact, the field crew was struggling not to get too far ahead of schedule the entire weekend!), and you guys really gave us some exciting matches! I know I was on the edge of my seat through the entire finals… it seemed like every match was a nail-biter!

A big shout out to the teams that pulled together to help a struggling rookie team build a robot practically from scratch. Everyone loves to point out the GP when one team goes over to help another. I think it says a lot more when you get 3 veteran teams working side-by-side for 6+ hours in one pit to help a rookie team have a successful regional. I know they were extremely grateful for all the help they got, and they are definitely coming back next year! In fact, I heard them speculating about a water game earlier today…

And taking off my inspector hat for a moment and putting on my team mentor hat… I really can’t believe our robot did end up a pike of twisted metal when it fell from the pyramid yesterday! It was what our team had dreaded the entire season, and when it happened I figured we were done for. A few quick repairs, and we got right back on that horse (err, pyramid…) 45 minutes later in the next match. The team is bummed that we won’t be going to champs, but it was still a great weekend for us (just like Duluth was), and we can’t wait to see everyone again at the MSHSL Championship in May!

2175, do you have an archive of the webcast and/or the awards ceremony?

yes, we do im not really involved with the webcast stuff but i would expect we will have videos up within the next few days hopefully