2013 Offseason Events

Team 3015 of Spencerport, NY is looking to attend an offseason event over the summer. Is there anything within a few hundred miles of Rochester, NY that anyone knows of.

Most offseasons that I know of are either in may/June or October/November …the only one that I know of during the summer is IRI, which is extremely selective. I believe Rochester has an off-season called Rah Cha Cha Ruckus or something like that.

It is likely further than you want to travel (just under 400 miles) but the 4th annual Connect A Million Minds FIRST Robotics Invitational is June 22, 2013. (With a pizza dinner and some contests on Friday evening.) The link is at www.growrobotics.org. The cost is $75 per team plus two cans of food per student to be donated to the food bank.

Was just on the website, they said the the registration is closed.

Probably about a 5-5.5 hour ride for you guys, but we’d love to have you: http://www.nutrons.com/beantown-blitz/


These are the ones that I know of that are usually held in the northeast. Some might be out of your range, but I figured I’d list them anyway.

  • BattleCry@WPI in Worcester, MA (confirmed for 2013)
  • Rah Cha Cha Ruckus in Rochester, NY (no date/confirmation yet)
  • Bash at the Beach in Old Lyme, CT (no date/confirmation yet)
  • Monty Madness (confirmed for 2013)
  • Bridgewater Raritan Battle Royale in Bridgewater, NJ (no date/confirmation yet–not sure if they’ll have this year as they hosted a MAR district event)
  • Where is Wolcott in Wolcott, CT (confirmed for 2013)
  • Ramp Riot in Ambler, PA (no date/confirmation yet)
  • Brunswick Eruption in North Brunswick, NJ (no date/confirmation yet)
  • Duel on the Delaware in Salem, NJ (no date/confirmation yet)
  • Mayhem in Merrimack in Merrimack, NH (confirmed for 2013)
  • Pascack Panda-monium in Montvale, NJ (they haven’t held it in a few years but are considering reviving it for this year)
  • River Rage in Manchester, NH (no date/confirmation yet, but it’s the longest running off-season so it’s pretty safe to assume it’ll be happening)
  • Beantown Blitz (linked above by Brandon)

Those are the ones I know of. I’d keep an eye on the Off-Season Events section on here. New ones get started every year, as well.

AMAZING! Thank you very much

Come to the Beantown Blitz! Drive your robot right into the arena! Compete against some great Northeast teams! The volunteer staff is awesome, although I might be a little biased :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have time, go check out Boston Common/Faneuil Hall/etc. It’s an easy Orange line T ride away from the Arena, and Faneuil is a very easy way to feed a ton of kids at once.

Don’t be afraid to stay outside the city either, on a Saturday morning there is very little traffic and you can save some money on hotels by not being downtown. I live about 15 miles outside the city, and it only takes about 25-30 minutes to get to Matthews when there is no traffic.

Was this about Connect A Million Minds? If so, I just checked and the registration link is up now.

Team 191 is going to Beantown Blitz and is going back to MARC (aka IRI jr) at the end of June.

Ramp Riot XIV will be held on Saturday November 2nd, 2013 in Ambler, PA. 36 Teams from all over the East Coast. The website is not yet updated for 2013 but here it is
More details later.

Updated status of Ramp Riot. I figured it’d be around this year but didn’t want to jump the gun. :slight_smile:

Duel on the DE is Oct. 19.

Of course my personal favorite…besides IRI.

October 12, 2013 - SCRIW III - Irmo, South Carolina

You’re not being biased. I think the Head Judge is a pretty cool guy, too.

G’day all,

It’s pretty far away, but Team 3132 is holding an off-season event called the Duel Down Under! It’ll be held from the 27th - 30th of June at Barker College in Sydney, Australia! As of today, there will be 13 Australian teams competing there, as well as a few more teams from abroad. Will you be one of them?

More information will be coming out in the coming months, but here is a link to the flyer.

Send me a pm if you are interested!

In Michigan we have MARC, held in Monroe Michigan During mid-late June, and Kettering Kickoff, held in early september

Just want to make a preliminary announcement in a relevant thread: Team 1923 in West Windsor, NJ will be hosting an off-season June 29th - MidKnight Mayhem - just approved by the school board.

We’ll be making a big hoop-la about it on CD once we get the website up, but we’re allowing our team & committee have a day or two to rest up after the past week. :slight_smile:

It may be a bit far, but Team Driven and Cerner co-host the CowTown Throwdown in Kansas City Missouri every year.