2013 Ozark Mountain Brawl

The second annual Ozark Mountain Brawl will be held at Springdale High School, Springdale, Arkansas on Sept. 13-14, 2013.

More details to come…

Intriguing… What a great way to start off the school year.

We had a lot of fun last year at this!

Can I ask why the move to the much later date?

I attended the Razorback regional as a spectator and I thought it went really well for an inaugural event! It was crowded, but that’s a great problem to have. I’m looking forward to OMB this year!

Above is a quote from last years thread. Perhaps there will be a wait list by the time the Brawl takes place in September. At the moment my sources indicate that there are still some openings.

It was fantastic last year to get to play with/against a reigning world champion in team 16. Any chance 1477 returns this fall to make it 2 years in a row?

PS. We just authorized our school to release a check for our entry fee today. Looking forward to it.

3481 Bronc Botz is planning on going.

–Michael Blake

Out of curiosity, did any of these teams register a 2nd robot?

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

1861 is 1987’s second team, but there will not be any other robots running except what is on the list. So we will have a 15 team event.

Is this going to be live streamed?

Alliance selections were serpentine with no inter-picking among the top 5.

  1. 1986, 3593, 5001
  2. 1987, 3284, 1108
  3. 16, 4849, 4843
  4. 3612, 1730, 1861
  5. 3160, 4532, 3937

4 over 5 in 2 matches

1 over 4 in 2 matches
2 over 3 in 3 matches

1 over 2 in 2 matches
(1987 was out of commission for the finals, and IIRC 4532 filled in.)

A big thanks to the members of 16 and 3612 who hosted a fantastic event. The field staff did an excellent job during qualifications making sure everyone got back on the field for each match. No small feat considering the many back-to-back schedulings created by the smaller number of participants.

Thank you Invictus (3593) and Apophis (5???) for helping us win the event. We remembered Invictus from our time together at the Oklahoma Regional, and your flexibility to shoot from the wing made us super compatible. It was amazing to see the young team from Prairie Grove, AR build a robot over the summer and be able to compete with it. The defense you played on 3284 was stellar, and a big reason why the finals went our way. No one should bother remembering the number 5001 because this team is still awaiting their official team number from FIRST, but do remember the name Apophis. They’ve prepared themselves well to be a force in the 2014 season.

A couple shout outs:
3284 was outstanding all weekend, consistently hitting auto, nailing 4 sets, and getting the 10 pt hang (often at the last second). This is the first time I got to see your team in person this year and I can definitely see why you were a top draft selection at champs. Looking forward to working together at Cow Town.

3160 was the only other robot in the field to climb past the first rung, and when your pyramid dump was on it was a game changer. Congrats on making the most difficult part of Ultimate Ascent look easy.

Looks like the official number for Apophis is 5006!

I tried to get them in at “5001,” but didn’t quite make it. I think 5006 is a fine number!

Photo Gallery from the 2013 Ozark Mountain Brawl: http://meredith.smugmug.com/FIRST-Robotics/2013-FIRST-Season/2013-Ozark-Mountain-Brawl/32173240_m3cJRD

Congratulations to Champions 1986, 3593, and 5??? (now 5006 :cool: )