2013 Peachtree Regional

So, the question every one wants to know the answer to:

Who’s going to show up at the 2013 Peachtree Regional? I’m excited to be back as a referee & GeorgiaFIRST member this upcoming season; and I’m expecting to see some big-time action, enough to make my job harder hopefully.

1648 is definitely making our way down (up?) to P’tree. It’ll be our second event, so hopefully we’ll be in stride and make a strong showing.

Just a note 1771, a seasoned veteran, powerhouse, and sitting on the first seed alliance since 2009, will be taking a hiatus for at least this year. I suppose this leaves a slight opening for another team to step in, but the field is still pretty deep.

  • Sunny G.

I’ll be attending as a volunteer. I’m trying to be a game announcer for the event, so hopefully that can happen. I’ll be coming with 1648 as well. There will be a large gap felt without 1771 and 1311 (unless they clear the waitlist), but one of my friends is a former member of 624, and she says that 624 is on the waitlist for Peachtree. Maybe we’ll see the gap in power be fixed by an upcoming team and 624 (if they clear the waitlist).

Anyway, i’m excited for this event this year! I can’t wait to see all of the teams and their robots.

2815 is also on the waiting list (unless we secure the support to shift to South Florida). Shame about 1771–having played with them twice in two years, those guys are great. I hope they bounce back, either as themselves or buddying up with another team.

I think our hiatus will be a little closer to the “permanent” side than 1 year, sadly.

I graduated, so I’m not 100% sure on that though.

Anyway, some people from 1771 are going to be with team 4509 from Lanier High School, a “new” rookie team. Their teacher sponsor was one of 1771’s old sponsors, (Mike Reilly) and kids from 4509 worked with 1771 last year.

Looking forward to this year’s competition!

Oh man, does this include your mentors? (The Wilsons, etc.)

Sounds like 1771 isn’t really taking a break, just working its way over to 4509.

  • Sunny G.

Partly, yes, but it will be in a much more advisory/mentor-y role.

I wouldn’t say that we are moving over, a lot of the kids on 1771 won’t be going over.

Anyway, that’s probably enough about that for this thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

At the risk of drawing this thread even more into a downer, 2815 is out of Peachtree as well. We managed to snag the last open spot for South Florida, figuring a bird in the hand beats two in the bush. Might make a Saturday excursion out there, though!

FRC Flash 1319 is very excited about visiting Georgia once again! It always proves to be a fantastic regional with such great competition.

Sorry to hear that some well-known veteran teams won’t be making the trip but there’s always more regionals and more seasons! :slight_smile:

2974 will be back this year!

2415 Will see everyone there!

<------ excited to see what amazing machine you guys bring onto the field!

Team 3489 Category 5 will be there. Our 3rd year, and our first trip to Peachtree. Hopefully we can get the bugs worked out week 1 at Palmetto.:yikes: Look forward to seeing everyone there.

FRC 2973, the Mad Rockers, will be at our first Peachtree Regional as 1/3 of the Alabama contingent. Our fifth year of competing, hoping to get over the hump from having at least one major system problem seems like every season. Excited about this season with a good core of returning veteran students and mentors plus an energetic new crowd.

The waitlists have been cleared for the event.

60 teams

3 teams that have joined from the waitlist:


…and the regional suddenly got that much more competitive.

I might have to make a day trip for that. And bring popcorn.

Moved to Cumming, Ga at the beginning of January for a job and have started to work with team 1746 at Forsyth Central High School.

Looking forward to attending my first Peachtree regional!

Team 1683 will be there

832 will be there. Looks like things are shaping up to be a great competition!

I’ll be there, as a ref.
So will the rest of the family as your Head Ref and Scorekeeper!