2013 Pittsburgh Regional

Pittsburgh Regional is right around the corner! Hope everyone is ready for a great weekend of competition! Below is a list of all the teams attending, linked with pictures of ones I could find.
See everyone on Thursday!

See you guys Thursday and good luck to everyone attending.

Falco Tech 3193 is looking forward to starting off the season right in the Steel City. Good luck to all of the teams attending!

449 is stoked to make the trek up to Pittsburgh this week. We are also excited for all the snow wednesday!:smiley:

Sadly we don’t have a high quality pic of our robot yet, but here is something to build hype.

MARS is excited to get things going!

Pictures and video of Marvin VI can be found in this thread.

Team 1629 GaCo is excited to be competing this week. We would like to wish all teams good luck and safe travels!!!

See everyone in the morning! Best of luck to all teams!

Today was a great day, we made 3 of our 4 practice matches, and finally passed inspection around 4:00. Our robot is running great, autonomous is at 95% and we will hopefully have a 10 point climber come morning. Saw alot of great teams, and can’t wait for the upcoming events! Best of luck to all teams.

Congratulations to all the teams on their awards tonight! We are very excited about how it went today. Good luck to all the teams tomorrow. :slight_smile:

-Samantha Adams
CRT 306 Co-Captain

Congratulations to team 1503, 128, and 620. We had a ton of fun and took part in three of the closest matches in the tournament.

Congrats go out to 1503, 128 and 620. Those were some of the most intense matches we have been involved in, and they could have honestly gone either way. 128, congrats on the Chairmans Award as well, your outreach is impressive and a great model for all FIRST teams.

2603, thank you for believing in our robot and selecting us to compete with you, 3260 you played some amazing defense and your reliable hangs helped us the whole time, you were able to clear the way for us to the loading station and we gave the #1 alliance all they wanted!

Thank you to all teams at the regional for a great experience, it truly was a blast!

First off congratulations to team 1503, 128, and 620, such a great alliance you did great, also congratulations to the finalists 1629,3260, and 2603. Pittsburgh Regional was so much fun, lots of energy and great teams, and robots.
Special thanks.

The FTA’s, our robot was having a bunch of connection problems, and they worked very well with us to make sure our robot was functional for the matches, in the end it was determined that we had a bad Dlink. Thank you guys for everything you did.

CIA 291, our programmer was unable to come to the event, and our backup programmer quit on us. They sent a member of there team to us to help with our code changes, and he did a great job. After every match he checked on us, all while runner the webcast. Thank you Tucker. Also they loaded our robot into there trailer to take to Queen City because we had no way to get it there.

RPM 156, When our custom button box died they lent us a spare joystick to use so we could continue competing.

All of the volunteers, thank you for all of your time and hard work, it was a great event and everything ran smoothly!

If someone got a picture of the seniors on the field after the awards ceremony could you send or post a copy? Nobody on my team had the chance to take a picture.

449 had a great time at the Pittsburgh regional and we hope to return in future years! Although we started out slow, (not moving our first two matches) we feel that towards the end we were really able to show Panda at its max.

Congratulations to 1503, 128, and 620 for winning the event. However 2603, 1629, and 3260 put up quite the fight. If not for GaCo tripping over that frisbee and falling over, that last match easily could have gone either way. Those were some of the most intense elimination matches I have ever seen.

Special thanks to 4049 for letting us join the #5 seed alliance. We thought we were not even going to be picked going into the alliance selections, let alone first round. We created a huge pandamonium when we found out that we were given a chance at the elimination rounds. 449 would also like to thank 3567 for rounding out this alliance and playing some beast defense. Its a shame that we were an inch away from advancing into the semifinals. Props to the #4 alliance for beating us in match 2 and 3.

4027, we apologize for knocking your camera clean off. Maybe you should not have played defense so close.:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks to all the teams for such an amazing event this is the farthest our team has ever gotten and congradulations to the winning alliance you put an amazing fight - 3260 SHARP

Hi Jenn,

I have photos from the Senior picture. They are located in the CMU’s Robotics Academy page along with tons of other photos - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.497446770315138.1073741826.120171028042716&type=1&l=71ab6e2b58

If you would like a larger file of any of the pics, just send me an email at cara@robomatter.com.