2013 Queen City FRC Regional

I hope to make some new friends and reconnect with old friends at the regional this year . We are NOT on Easter weekend this year, so hopefully that helps with getting volunteers and teams to attend. We intend to have a full size practice field again, and we are working to make the Back Pit more connected to the action.

If any has any questions, I will try to answer them the best I can.


If we can secure the funding, we’d love to come check out your second-year Regional. I know some other Pittsburgh teams competed there last year and had a lot of good things to say about it.

Quick question: what’s the maximum team capacity there in Cincinnati? I think Pittsburgh is on the low side, as we can host about 45 teams here max I believe.

Last year we had 57 teams. Our capacity is 60, maybe a couple teams over, but the pits would probably need to be smaller.

Unfortunately it looks like team 772 won’t be returning to Queen City for 2013. We had a great time competing last year, and hope to some day return to Cincinnati!

Thats too bad. Maybe next year.

We are well on our way to having another great event! We have several Thursday only activities/demo’s planned. That way we don’t distract too much from the competition on Friday.

Is there anyone out there from a team attending who would like to be a student ambassador for our VIP event. We are hosting our VIP’s on Saturday for Lunch with the hopes they stick around for some Elimination matches. If you are interested in being an ambassador, please PM me.


That’s awesome. If there were tours last year, we missed them. X is a beautiful campus; it’d be awesome for the kids to have a chance to explore it.
We’re excited to come back and see our Ohio friends!

Xavier is currently in discussions with FIRST to try and implement a scholarship for next year. If this goes through, I would be pushing for some tours this year.

Glad you all are able to make it back over!

We loved the venue so much last year but we decided it wasn’t gonna work out this year.


3484 is looking forward to attending Queen City this year. It sounded like a blast last year, and I’m sure it will be the same this year.

Isaac and Team 3484

279 will be coming down from Toledo.
Looking forward to asking everybody “what time is it?”


Just dropping in to say CRT 306 is looking forward to competing at Queen City this year! Hoping to see all of you there during the weekend. :slight_smile:

CRT Co-Captain

We are in need of a Field Supervisor for the QCR event. Our FS from last year moved away and we have not been able to locate a replacement. If anyone is interested, please post or PM me.


I thought a lot before posting this, but we are in need and I want to make sure we exhaust all of our resources to help the event succeed and stick around. Please see the note below and PM me if you have any contacts or are able to help, thank you.


Queen City FIRST is hard at work to provide another great experience for our 2nd year event. As hard as we have worked, the one area we have not had much success in is fundraising. We recently had a large sponsor pull out and we are left with a large deficit to make up. As a team leader myself I understand the economic times we are in is hard for teams. A lot of us struggle to just get our registration fees paid for. But, I am asking that folks contact their local sponsors or other connections to see if they can provide some sponsorship to the Queen City Regional. We see this event as belonging to all of us here in Ohio and we want to make sure we can continue to provide another home event for Ohio Teams to attend. We were informed that if QCR is not able to cover costs this year, then the event will not be recommended to return for the 2014 Competition.

Many of you may feel as though your local sponsors won’t want to support an event so far away, but they may have contacts in the Cincinnati/Dayton area that will. If you are able to help and find a company or person willing to help, please contact me and I can get you the donation paperwork. No donation is too small.

Thank you and Good Luck to everyone this season,

Here is an email I just sent out to all the QCR teams. If you didn’t receive it as the main or alternate, check yer spam.


I hope this email finds you relaxing and preparing for the competitions. I know we will all be watching the webcasts this weekend to see how the game plays out. In the meantime, we are busy wrapping up the details to host all 53 of you for another wonderful and exciting event. We listened to you last year and are working to incorporate some changes for this year, but as always we welcome any feedback that you have. Now for some information that we wanted to quickly share while we are still preparing our Event Handbook:

  1. There is a recent change and ALL teams need to bring their team roster printed from TIMS and all hard copy consent forms to EACH regional they attend. This is different than prior years.

  2. For Ohio teams there will be a meeting on Practice day (Thursday) from 1:30-2:30 discussing the latest on organizing the OhioFIRST organization. Please send an adult representative to share thoughts and ideas. Meeting will be held in Meeting rooms 1 and 2.

  3. For all teams there will be a NEMO meeting on Friday from 1:30 - 2:30 to talk about what is NEMO and NEM’s as well as sharing best practices. Meeting will be held in Meeting rooms 1 and 2.

  4. Parking will be at a premium as XU will be in session. Please note Parking locations shown on the map in the Event Handbook.

  5. Please note on the attached public agenda that the start and stop times are different. We will be starting earlier and ending later on Friday and Saturday.

  6. Attached you will find the Box Lunch form.

  7. There will be a full practice field with 2 pyramids. But only one pyramid will be open for 3rd level climbing and only one end of the field will be open for High and Middle goal shooting practice. Given the dynamics of this years game and the location of the field, we made this decision to ensure everyone’s safety.

  8. Please see the attached flyer asking for donations of used/new bicycles for children in need.

  9. Take care of your robot bag. Each team was only provided 2 bags and the number of extra bags at the events will be limited. Keep in mind that when you un-bag you will need to re-bag if you are attending an additional event or qualify for the FIRST Championships.

  10. If any of your students are interested in being a Student Ambassador for our VIP event, please have them sign up in VIMS. Once in VIMS, select the QCR event, check Saturday, select the role “Assign as Needed”, and type in to the field box Student Ambassador. The VIP event will be over Lunch on Saturday, March 23rd.

  11. Please visit our website (www.queencityfirst.org)and facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/QueenCityFIRST?fref=ts).

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.


Just emailed the Event Handbook for QCR out to the team main and alternate contacts.

We are still looking for a few more Field Reset volunteers. If you are attending and want to volunteer, please sign up in VIMS and indicate Field Reset for you preference.

Thank you!

My teammates and I are excited and ready :slight_smile: this’ll be my first time to Queen City so looking forward to it!

Sadly, team 1706 will not be attending this year. We had a blast last year, though we didnt do that well besides our two 35 foot shots in a row. Best of luck to all who goes and see you at the Championships!

After a long 3 days at Pittsburgh Regional, CRT 306 is excited about Queen city Regional. We had a few technical problems, and a bad dlink,that held us back alittle bit but, the robot is running great now and our drivers are ready for more. Can’t wait to see everyone in only 4 more days!

3301 is very excited to return to the Queen City Regional. We are glad to be bringing an offense oriented robot this time around. We are all very impressed at how awesome the communication has been. It will definitely make things go very smoothly.