2013 Relay for Life

With the onset of Summer coming upon us, it is getting into the season where many area will be hosting a Relay for Life! In Webster, NY and the Rochester Area, this is getting into full swing, and we are very excited!

For those of you unfamiliar with Relay for Life, Relay is an overnight event hosted by The American Cancer Society. It’s like a combination of a charity walk and a super awesome camping trip! Teams camp out overnight and spend time walking a track of some kind to raise funding for cancer research and support. Teams seek out donations prior to the event, and then enjoy games, music and most importantly, fun company once the event arrives!

1126, SparX, has been participating in Relay for Life since 2011, and this year, enough support has been drummed up for the team to register two teams instead of just one, as in the past. As an alumni (and member of the original crew who did Relay), I’ve been invited to participate with the team! With over $3000 raised in the past two years, we are excited to continue our support in the event!

It would be awesome if everyone reading this would consider donating to either our, or any other, Relay participant page. Here is a link to our team page (FRC 1126 SparX), our alumni page (FRC 1126 SparX (Alumni)) and my personal page (MEEE!)! It doesn’t matter which one you donate too; all the money is for a fantastic cause. If you do decide to donate, I think it would be cool if you leave your team number in the information submission, so we can see how much support the FIRST community is gathering!

I am also encouraging all teams to look into Relay for Life in their local area! It’s an incredible event, a great team bonding activity, and so much fun overall! It’s a great activity for FIRST teams, and I think it would be amazing if we could get a FIRST team in every Relay event! You can search for events on the main page of the Relay for Life website! Relay for Life.

Thank you, we appreciate any support you can provide for our team, and more importantly, The American Cancer Society as a whole!


The American Cancer Society is a great cause. Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers, will be participating in our Relay for Life this weekend!

Team 3784 is going to a Bark for Life event in our area shooting Frisbees for the dogs to catch, should be fun.