2013 Safety Animation

Post links to your safety animations?

It’s not the 13th yet :smiley:

I’m nowhere near none, but here’s a screenshot/teaser. Its called “Safety Glasses at Night”.

They’re still working on getting it done, but we have some screenshots.

The students have been putting their all into it, so I’m quite proud. It’s a shame that there’s no competition this year during Build Season.

We haven’t posted anything yet and I haven’t gone sorting through the bitmap images for all the best frames, but our team is doing a Temple Run Theme if it excites anyone.

Here is Team Driven 1730’s safety animation.

FIRST Team 1086’s first safety animation is here
It is loosely based on “Duck and Cover”

Team 237’s very first safety animation.

Team 3309’s Safety Animation

Extended cut with credits

Team 11’s Safety Animation

191 the X-Cats animation.

The Hotbotz Safety Animation - A 2D animation featuring our “Willie the Chili” mascot…“Safety Rules! Don’t be a ‘Silly Willie’”

So will the winner be announced at kickoff or will they get an email ahead of time?

I’m loving the variety in entries so far this year!

I’ve made a playlist of all of the ones I could find on YouTube so far. You can find that list here!

Usually the winning team finds out the same time as everyone else, but last year FIRST accidentally listed the winner in the kickoff agenda. :slight_smile:

Team 1912’s

zombies have invaded FIRST as well?!?!?! Is nothing safe from these roams hoards of brain eating beasts?

DERT2040 Animation on Youtube

This may very well be the first time my team has submitted the safety animation on time and we just got a new mentor to help us this year.

Team 3489’s entry: http://youtu.be/SqiX5t_97qM

It’s similar to the one we created last year, but that one was never judged because we made an error in the registration process. :frowning:

So we updated it to fit the 2013 theme and (hopefully) submitted it properly this year!

Here are a few more. Many of these are awesome. The judges have a tough job!

Not sure if this is FRC related: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnQsJHNomZo