2013 SCRRF Fall Classic

Also, there’s a column for second robots and some teams have filled that out. Does that mean those practice robots get in?

There are only 30 teams competing.
Team 4276 was on “Standby”, so we will be bringing about 40 students but just to observe, meet the other teams, and practice scouting/reviewing of other team’s robots.

Also, the practice robotos are being used by “pre-rookie” teams who don’t have robots. They are designated to be driven by these new teams, not as a second robot for the hosting team.

Are you assuming this or are you involved with the planning?

If you’re involved, it’d be great if you could clarify what the 30 teams are.

I’m not totally clear which teams have 2nd bots that are actually competing independently, and which (like ours) is going to be used by another team.

I know that 1197’s #2 robot is currently in the hands of 20140105 (West Torrance H.S.).

Does anyone know if a match schedule will be posted?

Due to space and time constraints we only have slots for 30 robots. We want as many teams as possible to participate. We especially want our Pre-rookies to participate fully and learn how to compete effectively.

Second robots will only be allowed to compete if they are being driven/run by a Pre-rookie team. We just do not have the room for a team take more than one slot. Yes, you may have some of your team working with the Pre-rookies and your second robot may be present to be used to show off or for spare parts.

A few comments:

  1. This is a great problem to have (too many robots)
  2. One of the organizer’s big concerns is cycle time. The faster we turn the matches this year the more confident we will be next year that we can run shorter cycles and more matches, which leads to more slots. Please do everything you can to make field reset happen quickly. This might include sending some volunteers to help with reset.
  3. If things work out with this many teams this year, we might set our sights on a two day event next year.

Organizing Committee Member

A match schedule will be generated when all teams have registered and we know who is competing. We will try and get it posted on the web but I am not sure what the arrangements are. I understand that The Holy Cows will be webcasting so we should be able to do something about posting a schedule.

2013 SCRRF Fall Classic Results

Another SCRRF Fall Classic competition is in the books and it was a great event!
Thirty teams fiercely competed for six alliance slots.
Qualification match scores and final standings are attached.
(Network connectivity issues with the scoring computer prevented match schedule/scoring from being uploaded from the event.)

Here are the final results:

Event registration, pit and transportation logistics manager: LeRoy Nelson
Field Manager: Chris Husmann
MC/Game Announcer team: George Chen and Jenny Yang
Field Supervisor: Terry Wells
Referees: Robert Hogg (Lead), Chuck Bergh, Andrew Hedge, and Austin (FRC 1836)
Concessions: Nina Roberts, with support from Team 980 parents/students
Webcast and real-time scoring: The Holy Cows (FRC 1538)

The awards judging team included NASA’s “Mohawk Guy” (Bobak Ferdowsi), JPL senior engineers, and a procurement sexpert for a medical device company.

Thanks go to teams who assisted in field set-up and tear-down, especially Code Orange (FRC 3476) who stayed until the the truck was loaded.

Servo Magazine provided a two 1-yr subscriptions and DVD of the 2012 volume. These were awarded to the #1 and #2 seeded teams (3476 and 696).
Copies of the Oct 2013 issue of Servo Magazine were distributed to teams.

We’re looking forward to the 2014 FRC season and another exciting Fall Classic!

Match_Results.pdf (38.1 KB)
Standings_Qual_Final.pdf (12.1 KB)

Match_Results.pdf (38.1 KB)
Standings_Qual_Final.pdf (12.1 KB)

It was a really awesome event! You guys did a great job hosting! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much 980 for hosting Fall Classic again this year. It is always an awesome event to go to.

Thank you to 1538 and 3476 for loaning us your compressor. In the middle of competition our compressor broke and you guys were vital in allowing us to compete. The fact that Code Orange took their compressor off their B robot even though we were competing you in finals spoke wonders about your team.

We would also like to thank the winning alliance of 1538, 3476, 9696, and 294 for playing some incredibly competitive matches. It was an honor playing against some of the best teams in California.

To our alliance partners 696, 3255, and 3309. Thank you for inviting us to your alliance. We were having different problems most of saturday, but I’m glad that you guys recognized our potential. To 696, it was incredible working with you guys. You were extremely professional in every way possible which made it a joy to strategize and work with you. To 3255, you guys built a great robot and we would love to work with you again. Lastly, to 3309, it is really unfortunate that your drive broke. You have a great robot and it would be interesting to see how things would have gone had you had your drive working. It was wonderful working with such a great alliance and I look forward to hopefully working with all of you again next year.